Women seeking women 136

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Out of the women that participated, Most women who received abortions were aware of but uninterested in adoption. Sihvo S et al. Ease in general decision making was associated with high confidence about the abortion decision.

Women seeking women 136

It is unknown whether Sierra Leonean women with such condition use herbal medicine. They either had already miscarried, had not been pregnant or had an ectopic pregnancy. Lydon J et al. May 7, DOI: Three clinic staff members entered responses from the forms and limited medical information into an Access database using coded identifiers. A Literature Review, New York: In analyses of coerced abortion, we distinguished between minors and 18—year-olds, because parental notification laws are targeted to individuals younger than 18; in the rest of our analyses, we divided respondents by whether they were younger than 20 or were 20 or older. For example, she said the great majority of patients change their response away from believing that abortion is like killing after discussing their beliefs with a counselor. Unpublished data from review of medical records of women seeking abortion at clinic in The majority of the abortion requests were denied. During the study year, 4, abortions were sought by women who reported believing in God or a higher power. This study was funded by an anonymous, private foundation. Warning signs include a woman's describing uncertainty about the decision, a feeling that someone had pressured her to have an abortion, a lack of support, extreme guilt or shame, and an expectation of regret or inability to cope. We compared differences in the demographic profiles of parenting and adoption participants using mixed effects regression models. Among women motivated to avoid parenthood, as evidenced by abortion seeking, adoption is considered or chosen infrequently. Multivariate logistic regression was used to identify variables associated with women's high confidence in their abortion decision, controlling for basic demographic variables as well as characteristics of the pregnancy and abortion decision. Data analysis included Chi-square tests and logistic regression. In addition, we created four educational levels no high school, high school diploma, some college or technical school, and college diploma. Allanson S and Astbury J, The abortion decision: These women may or may not need additional information, counseling, support or time to make a final decision or to feel confident about their decision. As such, the institutional review board provided an exemption from obtaining consent. Instead, we demonstrate a need for individualized approaches to patient education and counseling regarding abortion. The data also indicates that women were not treated equally because their own determined and persistant behaviour as well as the doctoral practices influenced the abortion decisions. Such patients are given reading materials and referrals designed to help clarify their decision, resolve conflicts and bolster support for whatever decision they make about the pregnancy, including abortion, parenting and adoption. Furthermore, we review women's responses to questions aimed at identifying those with specific beliefs about spirituality or abortion, who may need more in-depth counseling from the clinical staff. Interviews were coded using inductive and deductive methods.

Women seeking women 136

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  1. Data from this study suggest that such assumptions are not accurate. During the s and s, abortion was legal in Finland only on medical, ethical or eugenic grounds.

  2. We conducted in-depth interviews with 31 women who received or were denied wanted abortions, including 2 adoption participants, focused on understanding pregnancy decision making and feelings about their choice.

  3. In addition, they thank Elisette Weiss for her assistance in preparing this manuscript.

  4. Through semiannual quantitative interviews, we assessed the frequency with which women denied abortion consider and choose adoption, and, among adoption participants, decision satisfaction.

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