Theories about sex in the music industry

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As Yang and Saffle concluded, "[w]hen a subservient culture wants to export its artistic products to a dominant culture, it has to adjust its product to meet dominant value systems and aesthetic preferences" ibidem, Advances in theory and research pp. To the Malian patriarchal hegemony she seems to be singing traditional wedding songs, when in fact she is addressing messages of contestation of gender roles to girls and young women.

Theories about sex in the music industry

A study of values 2nd ed. Music Content Sexual references are common in music and these references may influence the behaviors of listeners. Finally, the globalisation of music by Latin female artists, especially in its visual form, has only exacerbated the sexualisation of Latin women. A sexual-selection origin of music might also help to explain the apparent impulse towards diversity, creativity and novelty, for many male songbirds also develop large repertoires and variety in an effort to produce the most alluring mating signal. The mean age of participants was These findings are not surprising considering the work of Travis and Bowman , who speculated that African Americans may be more likely to view music as an accurate representation of their culture. The current study hypothesized that participants viewed their behavior as normal if no significant differences were found between their own sexual behaviors and their perceived sexual behaviors of friends and peers. A content analysis of gender display in music videos. Implications for sexuality educators. As Maxwell concluded, it is not so much about changing the social order. Lyrics often contain explicit sexual messages and women in music videos are often objectified by being scantily dressed and dancing suggestively and provocatively Wallis, Martin Stokes concluded that the globalisation of music has maintained hegemonic racial and gendered hierarchies. Because music is inherently linked to culture, then, by maintaining the gender roles and consequently the social order, cultural values and national ideals are perpetuated. Limitations of Study and Implications for Future Research There are some limitations of the current study that merit discussion. Her research centers around media broadly defined and technological influences on developmental processes and behavior. Citation Authors Wright, C. A label on a cd cover is obsolete when the music is listened to on the internet. Transnationalism and Cultural Hybridity in Latino America. The Howard Journal of Communications, 5, On the contrary, they perpetuate gender hierarchies by reinforcing the linkage between women and body instead of promoting the linkage between women and subjectivity. However, they reported more dating and sexual partners as well as more casual sexual encounters. Popular Music and Gender. These findings support that of previous research in that exposure to music containing sexual content is associated with engagement in risky sexual behaviors Chen et al. An empirical comparison for techniques for handling incomplete data using decision trees. Adolescent mothers are more likely to be impoverished and to have diminished social and psychological support. Therefore, Japanese young women not only idolise cute but also want to become cute. These early dating and sexual behaviors may partially explain the disproportionate numbers of African Americans and Hispanics who experience teenage and unwanted pregnancies and contract STIs and HIV at a higher rate than other ethnic groups in the United States CDC, ; Hamilton et al.

Theories about sex in the music industry

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