Swiss army knife sex act

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I just never realized blowjobs were an eternal gauntlet of pain. The only reason to create such a device would be to control the population of a planet you intend to conquer by tricking them into grinding their genitals into useless, deflated balloons so they can father no children to oppose you. But they are also pushed to the limits in order to survive, so you have to look outwards.

Swiss army knife sex act

Something more like a bizarre, masturbatory half-person. It's called an ovipositor NSFW , because the aliens clearly just don't give a shit anymore. Continue Reading Below Advertisement The Satyr is a giant silicon stool that vibrates, has a hole on one end, and is meant to be displayed in the home to " normalize ideas on sex " -- a goal it absolutely does not accomplish. Victorinox is also under attack from increasingly sophisticated counterfeit producers in Asia. It's crowdfunded, has gotten a lot of high-profile press, and is undoubtedly capable of ripping penises at a dazzling rate. People are willing to spend on products that are interesting and durable and that is what the Swiss army brand stands for. You must have known that. There is no other reason to create a portable fanged laundry press for your wiener. Carolyn is actually quite prudish on Twitter. This is partially because such a device would look like a waking nightmare, and frankly would be too gauche to be an effective conversation piece. Not too much more, mind you. When you see a young boy who is seven or eight years old and his father offers him a Swiss army knife, you still see his eyes light up. Also, follow us on Facebook , and we'll be your best friends forever. But Nikki isn't alone. It's a sock with wires in it. Those splayed-out boobs, the lopsided ass, and that full-on Exorcist head twist are clearly the work of an extraterrestrial serial killer. That philosophy has kept Victorinox, the maker of Swiss army knives, in business for years: Turning it on its side only solidifies our belief that this is a device into which you should never insert your genitals indeed, there are few devices that pass this important criterion. But they are also pushed to the limits in order to survive, so you have to look outwards. The torch-bearer of the company behind one of Switzerland's most famous exports is in London before a big advertising push to raise awareness of the brand, founded by his great-grandfather Karl Elsener in Conlumino analyst Neil Saunders says it makes sense for Victorinox to broaden its product range to gain wider appeal: Over the decades, Victorinox has targeted hobbyists such as fishermen and mountaineers — one frightening-looking model, the SwissChamp XLT, boasts 50 tools, including a wire-crimping blade and pharmaceutical spatula. It is in the mountains where people tend to be a little bit conservative. By attempting to combine breasts, a vagina, a penis, and a remote control in a single compact lump, it serves as a stark visual reminder that a jack of all trades is a master of none. The family is proud of the fact that, to date, it has never had to make staff redundant because of a downturn in sales.

Swiss army knife sex act

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  1. Victorinox is still based in the same Swiss town of Ibach, its modern factory nestling in a scene so picturesque it looks like a chocolate bar wrapper:

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