Step father has sex with daughter

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The closeness and need for comfort can rapidly become sexualized. This sort of abuse is also an infrequent event in the scheme of things. If your family members are willing, I strongly urge you all to attend sessions as a group with a family therapist.

Step father has sex with daughter

For every mistake you may have made, you did a thousand and one things right. Would the family break up? What are the long-term effects of incest? Are there degrees of abuse here up to a certain degree means you can stay and over means you have to leave? These are the sort of questions you might want to consider asking about. Dombeck to people submitting questions. Now she says she has said it and is moving on. How would the family get along without Dad? Human memory is not a perfect thing, but rather something that is open to suggestion, particularly as remembered events occurred in the distant past. A great deal is at stake, and no child wants the responsibility of causing a crisis in the family. Then again — it is also quite possible that they did. People make mistakes all the time, even when they are diligent and careful. It is possible that your daughter was abused and will be able to remember the event in good detail today. You are not super-human, and cannot expect yourself to have figured everything out in advance. This is the kind of situation where any evidence there might be is long gone probably , and you have only memory from which to understand what has or has not occurred. Do most of these relationships involve father-daughter rather than mother-son? This hangs over all of us. Beyond the details, whatever they may be, there is the question of values and loyalties. Every person is different, but common, long-term effects include suicide attempts, depression, substance abuse, fear of both emotional and sexual intimacy, promiscuity, prostitution and runaways, lack of career identity, inability to function at work. Was there a period where she had no memory of this event, or has she always known but just never talked about it. After talking with daughter, you will want to ask the same sorts of questions to your husband. And if a crime has been committed — what are the ramifications for your marriage. Children also come to realize that telling someone puts the family in terrible jeopardy. What, for example, would Mom do if she knew about it? I am suggesting that you interview her to the extent she is comfortable with talking about it, so as to help you understand what actually occurred. If you cannot get your family to attend family sessions, I strongly urge you to at the very least attend individual sessions with a therapist. When parents set the emotional rules and establish an environment of care, children are more likely to let a family member know.

Step father has sex with daughter

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  1. These are the sort of questions you might want to consider asking about. This hangs over all of us.

  2. Offenders are often looking for comfort, closeness and approval from someone whom, in the mind of the offender, offers an opportunity for unconditional love.

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