Rekindle romance

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When you wake up, kiss each other. Make arrangements for your children to stay with relatives or close friends, then go on vacation and act like newlyweds. I want to be with you. In your relationship, putting time and attention toward romance honors your spouse.

Rekindle romance

But remember, function is not romantic; function reminds us of dysfunction, and that may lead to all sorts of other discouraging ideas. This is especially important in these turbulent, anxiety-ridden times. Couples who keep learning about each other stay together. You're people, too, and you have your own needs. Remember, love, unlike Monday night football, is not a spectator sport. I want to be with you. Kiss passionately for at least 15 seconds every day. This means a few hours a week when you're not allowed to discuss the children or their needs. Don't let your mind wander to whether you accidently left the oven on or whether you remembered to sign Emily's homework assignment. Here are suggestions for changes that you and your spouse can make to remind yourselves why you got married in the first place. Discuss your fears, and comfort each other in a way that allows you to really connect. There is no rule that you have to keep it at fifteen seconds. Kissing is intimate and romantic. Page 3 Make kid-related conversation off-limits for at least 15 minutes a day. I believe that loving your spouse is one of the best things you can do for your children. The Passion Plan is not about cute techniques or simple formulas that will magically turn your marriage around; however, through my book, Creating An Intimate Marriage, I have heard of hundreds of people who are becoming more intentional about romance and intimacy and it quickly makes a difference. Instead, take this time to talk about and to each other. When you wake up, kiss each other. Set aside a regular night for couple time. Put up a tent up in the back garden or camp out on the beach. The Passion Plan You will need to reserve at least: Cathy went searching for a vase while I basked in the accolades from her friend at what a romantic husband I was. Frankly, if there is not emotional intimacy or connection, there will be little interest in healthy romance. For additional information on HomeWord, visit www. In many ways, kissing is more intimate than sex. Before I share it with you, let me ask you this question:

Rekindle romance

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  1. You are special to me. I find that Cathy can put up with a fairly crazy schedule if she knows she has my full attention on a weekly date.

  2. We have friends who are in pastoral ministry who have a set standing appointment just to sit on the couch, hold hands, and talk about their lives with each other. There is no rule that you have to keep it at fifteen seconds.

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