Peaceful warrior book

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The most important part of this book is the section on spiritual laws — the laws that help to overcome the hurdles on each life path. Especially useful for anyone going through changes and wondering, What next? Dejected, Dan returns to Berkeley, to an old place which Socrates had told him about long ago.

Peaceful warrior book

I read a couple of pages a day or two later, and deciding I wasn't interested in the story, put it back in the bookshelf where it collected dust for a while. Perhaps this is an issue inherent in writing about this kind of subject matter, but some of the rhetorical choices are a bit precious for my personal taste, and they drive home the nature of the book rather than enabling me to get lost in the story and make my own connections. Dan gets married to Linda, but the marriage fails. He travels around the world for six years, learning new physical teachings, but is unable to find peace. No one knows whether Socrates really existed, as he only exists within the writings of Plato, his pupil. Plot[ edit ] At the beginning of the story, Dan experiences a series of nightmares, where he is in a dark lane. Socrates presents Dan with a series of challenges ranging from fasting to meditation to controlling his breathing , slapping him about the head when he proves to be obstinate or dismissive. In front of him is Death , about to claim his life, when an old man appears out of nowhere and confronts Death. Socrates ridicules Dan, pointing out that he is trapped in the illusions created by his mind, causing Dan so much trouble. A few weeks later, Dan suffers an accident, where his right leg is badly fractured. In a sense, it is a map of our human journey through life. This is the sort of book that will come to you when you are ready, and I don't doubt that you will read it more than once when that time comes. Surprised that he could move so quick, Dan strikes up a conversation with the old man, and calls him Socrates. Socrates arrives and accelerates Dan's healing process. The attendant, whom Millman names Socrates , becomes a kind of father figure and teaches Millman how to become a "peaceful warrior". Socrates and Dan return home. I see now that for me there is actually something to be said for self-help and positive thinking, because I have applied them to my own life and seen a return on my investment. I set out to meet the challenge of writing a novel with depth and character and heart. It's a good thing I didn't read the book when I first received it, because I don't think I was at a stage in my life where I could appreciate such a book, or absorb its insights. As he works with Socrates and tries to internalize messages about living in the moment and perceiving oneself as interconnected with all other living things, Dan finds more inner peace, more success in his athletic pursuits, and more fulfillment. Where the pre-teen in me has something to say is in some of the prose, in some of the more magically realistic images, and in some of the choices the protagonist makes that seem at odds with the central message of the story. One particular night, Dan heads out to an all night gas station, where he meets the same old man from his dreams. The message is a timeless one infinitely relevant to all those who are looking for a way to matter in their own lives, and the flaws are a good reminder that we all have work to do, even those whose work provides guidance to the rest of us. Dan demands Socrates to teach him. Way of the Peaceful Warrior was followed by three sequels: Dejected, Dan returns to Berkeley, to an old place which Socrates had told him about long ago. It remains one of my most comprehensive works.

Peaceful warrior book

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