Obamacare chip implants mandate

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Their product and marketing was short-lived, partially due to the fact that the public was so against its application and insertion. Therefore, if the person was only without healthcare for half of the year, they will only be penalized with half of the tax. The bill is now commonly referred to as Medicare Part D.

Obamacare chip implants mandate

The National Report is a spoofing website and nothing in this article is actual factual. NBC news predicted that in , all of America will be tagged with microchips. Readers who do not know this fact, will believe that the information is truthful and the rumors will proliferate. For the millions of people who chose not to get insurance by the deadline they will be taxed for not complying with the law and should prepare to sign up for insurance during the open enrollment period, which starts on November 15, and closes on February 15, This is how the Individual Mandate tax will be assessed for all future years as well. What are the requirements and implications of violating Obamacare? Their product and marketing was short-lived, partially due to the fact that the public was so against its application and insertion. A second e-mail collected by Snopes. There were also multiple videos posted on YouTube about different governments across the world implanting their citizens with RFID chips. Either way, it does not warrant further discussion. RFID chips have revolutionized the industry of logistics and transportation because an importer, exporter or inter-state shipper can now track the location of something as big as a shipping container or the individual items being shipped within to approximate the date and time of arrival. Cardullo created the device with the intent that it could be used in banking as an electronic credit card or check card, in transportation as a tolling system, electronic license plate or vehicle performance monitor, in security for a personal identification system or for surveillance, or in the medical industry to gather patient information. Even when compared to a lot of nonsense on the Web, this is a pretty poor attempt at "proof" that Obamacare requires RFID tracking. The explanation of what the registry would do and how it would function in the H. This chip will not only contain your personal information with tracking capability but it will also be linked to your bank account. Again, this national identification program is not directly related to Obamacare but the concept of using RFID chips, either on a card or implanted in your hand stems from H. The and open enrollment periods should be similar spans of time. I try to be respectful and share with them the facts. And even if the law gave the secretary the discretion to call RFID "life-supporting," the bill only called for the tracking of unique devices. The transponder that was heavily used during World War II to identify aircraft as friend or foe is also credited as being a predecessor to the RFID chip technology. First of all, the narrator shows the bill and not the law that was actually enacted. Remember, they do things over time to condition the population into think this is normal. Please understand, you are just a number to the government. The bill said the secretary had the discretion to require serialization of class II devices that are "life-supporting or life-sustaining," which RFID is obviously not. Posted By Mark Roberti, YouTube runs advertising on almost all of the submitted content now.

Obamacare chip implants mandate

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  1. These e-mails are examples of the type of information that was spread amongst friends, colleagues and family families to foster the Obamacare chip hoax.

  2. It does include ways to transfer medical records between physicians, guidelines on the collection of non-medical data for quality control, new standards for codification, and more. A person with health coverage in place before the Obamacare requirements started may still be in violation of the law if their insurance coverage did not include the ten essential health benefits required under the law.

  3. There was a version of the bill that was written by the House of Representatives on July 14, H.

  4. The narrator points to a section of House of Representative bill HR requiring the creation of a national medical device registry. Prior to the Affordable Care Act actually being passed into law and published for the your reading pleasure, people were desperate to get their hands on any detail leaked to figure out what the final version of the law would require.

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