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The watchers take careful note of small figures scuttling up and down the rough tracks linking the Shahi Kot Valley with Pakistan. In the hurly-burly of the Wild West that Afghanistan was at the time, the leash was tight - certain missions required Beehive approval. Crosby recounted one visit to the NZSAS when Muldoon was seated in a darked training room with former commander Graye Shattky, both playing the part of hostage. If the first is hit by an opposing force, the others will not be.


NZSAS operators are - and have always has been - been male. Completion of Selection does not guarantee that a candidate will move on to the more demanding training phase. Plans are put before all and thrashed for opportunity or weakness. Chris talks of mental preparedness and mental wellbeing as essential. Not too close to the wall - bullets hug walls - and all in a line. Can you do it? Members of the Commando Squadron wear the sand beret with the Commando badge and stable belt. Skill Development and Revision. Five days after the incident armed NZSAS troopers joined the search for the suspect in a large area of swamp near Meremere, however Heron surrendered without incident the next day. They flow through the facility, barely individuals and completely a unit. Incredibly high standards are demanded because difficult mental, physical and emotional challenges can be encountered by NZSAS personnel on operations. A two-day period where civilian candidates are provided with the necessary military skills to ensure they can operate safely on Selection. A government inquiry is preparing to get to the truth. A Court of Inquiry into the accident is yet to be completed. The sharp, dull drumbeat of live ammunition sounds as targets are found in rooms as they are cleared. This initial training includes a three-month probation period to ensure individuals are capable of operating effectively in their chosen trade. Some of the training is extreme and uncomfortable. Crosby recounted one visit to the NZSAS when Muldoon was seated in a darked training room with former commander Graye Shattky, both playing the part of hostage. Candidates for Commando training attempt the same initial Selection course as NZSAS candidates see above , but the requirement to complete certain stages of Selection is slightly different. The Special Operations Command is going to include an all-woman team - it is in the process of developing a Female Engagement Team, similar to those coalition countries have found so useful in Afghanistan and Iraq where it is culturally and religiously difficult to have male soldiers speak to women. This phase involves completing "close country navigation and other activities" and those who get to this point are considered for SAS training. So how do I catch him out? And then dawn comes and the ambush is practised - claymores detonated and the frozen NZSAS patrol coming to life, fighting. As he sat with Muldoon, there was a disorienting explosion and clouds of smoke, through which troopers emerged with weapons blazing. By mid, the forced reliance on coalition air assets for insertion and emergencies led the NZSAS in a different direction. When the bombs dropped, the earth shook and the opposing force became fewer in number.


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  1. Troopers are expected to build a specialisation based around the types of environments in which they might operate.

  2. And what I mean by that is a racehorse has just got to prepare for one race and perform particularly well on that particular day or event.

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