Making a rebound relationship work

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Second — have you new found significant other take the initiative on doing things that claim you are their sweetheart. The latter may have contributed to the two of you using physical intimacy to connect and feel connected to another person early in your relationship. Your friends may mistakenly believe that you are projecting feelings for your old girlfriend onto your new girlfriend. That is not to say you can't end a past relationship still feeling positive and at the same time not interested in getting back with your old girlfriend.

Making a rebound relationship work

From your question, it doesn't sound like you're holding feelings for your old girlfriend. Romance comes with no guarantees, so it is important to be present, not worry about the future of the relationship, or live in the past comparing the new relationship to an old one. Not to mention that the new girlfriend may feel she is not respected, valued or even appreciated for the person she is. The first step is Know Thyself — what are your goals and boundaries in a relationship? Rebound relationships tend to get a lot of negative press, but I think this type of relationship can be very helpful for self-esteem, for learning about one's self, and for learning about romance and relationships. As a result, you have not had time to heal the past, so the wounds are still very real and present. Follow our oustanding dating and relationship bloggers on the blog tour! Perhaps a better question is, why do some rebound relationships work while others don't? Yet, you seem to be doing this. Some people need time to grieve the end of a relationship by themselves. If they are male and begin to do the same thing — let them know how proud you are of their accomplishments and being able to make it out of that relationship. Fourth — Understand your new found love is looking towards you to correct heartache and hurt from a previous relationship. Anne Expert Reply Dear Anne, From my perspective, it seems that you and the man you have been dating have a lot more in common and are on similar paths then you might realize. First — rebound relationships typically are unsuccessful — this is the rule rather than the exception. Blog Tour Bloggers List 1. That is not to say you can't end a past relationship still feeling positive and at the same time not interested in getting back with your old girlfriend. My page on dating advice and relationships has grown in popularity and I will be expanding this section in the months to come. I don't know how to move forward in the relationship without sabotaging it and making him feel like I'm not into him, when all I want to do is slow things down so I can get to know him better. Somewhere along the line just getting out of a relationship was not mentioned. Be your unique and authentic self and be confident about showing it. Have you ever been in a rebound relationship? Many successful relationships have been formed from rebound relationships. In fact, you have held onto the past while dating this new guy. A problem with rebound relationships happens when one person is the rebound and the other is not. Getting a good comfort level in different social situations is actually an initial step to moving forward together. It is this last parallel that is contributing to your concerns as well as the not so good I referred to earlier.

Making a rebound relationship work

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