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The agency predicts that the first 18 refueling aircraft would be delivered about seven months late, by March Defense Department canceled the KC-X solicitation. The GAO also noted that Boeing has not obtained Federal Aviation Administration 's approval for two key aerial refueling systems - the centerline drogue system and the wing aerial refueling pods, which were built without following FAA processes. The contract calls for Boeing to build four test aircraft and deliver 18 combat-ready tankers by August The system is similar to equipment used on the booms of the KC and KC tankers.


Boeing had also announced it may enter an even higher capability tanker based on the Boeing , named the KC Strategic Tanker. Once assembled, it would go through ground vibration and instrumentation testing and have body fuel tanks added. The agency predicts that the first 18 refueling aircraft would be delivered about seven months late, by March This might require the program to be re-structured or for funding to be cut, either by Congress or the Pentagon. The Air Force intended to buy KCs, with all delivered by A report from The Senate Appropriations Committee on the fiscal defense spending bill, issued on the same day, expressed concerns about the aircraft's future. A hydraulic relief valve system would be installed so that if loads build up on the boom, the valves open to relieve the pressure. He also stated that Boeing would add a fifth engineering and manufacturing development EMD aircraft to the fleet to accelerate the flight test program. The base will start receiving the first of 36 tankers in In September , it was confirmed that the wiring redesign would delay the first C flight from June to November Air Force Spokesman, Charles Gulick, noted that the primary goal, "delivery of 18 tankers by August " can be met. Low-rate production contracts to build the first 19 of the tankers may be delayed from August to as late as April in the latest schedule revision agreed on by the Air Force and Boeing. Survivability is improved with infrared countermeasures and the aircraft has limited electronic warfare capabilities. By mid-August the revised RFP was to be finalized. The planned first flight of a fully equipped KC is being delayed to as late as September Boeing now projects these components will be ready for the FAA to certify by July — over three years late. The Air Force is seeking to receive a total of new tankers. Bruce Dickinson, Vice President and General Manager for these programs said "The production line is quite full, so the pressure we see for that is growing. The CDR was held from 8—10 July, and was completed one month ahead of the original schedule, which planned on the review to be finished on 24 September. Instead, 16 of the 18 will be production line examples; because the aircraft will be delivered before operational testing is complete, Boeing will be responsible for any late design fixes. The GAO noted that delays in training air crew and maintainers could cause testing to slip 6—12 months, but also stated that the program had not missed any major milestones and that the development of about It's reassuring to see the program take this important step toward the production decision in August. Boeing KC In , the U. Altus AFB was also chosen for its limited construction needs and for other training programs for the C Globemaster and KC already at the base. The agency may revise its schedule estimate by June The system is similar to equipment used on the booms of the KC and KC tankers.


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  1. The first test flight would occur during summer and include measuring its rate of climb and descent.

  2. The contract calls for Boeing to complete and deliver 18 initial operational KC tankers by The report notes that operational testing will not now begin until May and will not be completed until two months after the first tranche of 18 aircraft are delivered, risking late discoveries of problems.

  3. Rob Leese confirmed that, while the Air Force's KC contract with Boeing does not contain any pre-defined penalties for schedule delays, not delivering the 18 certified tankers by August is a contract schedule breach.

  4. We are getting to the point where we will see by next year the line alternating as tanker-freighter-tanker-freighter. We're adding the engineers and ancillary staff resources needed to support the engineering redesign, manufacturing retrofit and qualification and certification of the fuel system changes, and the conclusion of functional and flight testing.

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