How to sexually punish your partner

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Let your man know that you are in control and if he does not do as told, you will punish him. An example of a dominant sex position is the cowgirl. If you are not getting what you want right now he will pay closer attention if you stop giving him what he wants and men want only one thing; sex. I'm also a fan of genital torture.

How to sexually punish your partner

As you spank her more, the bruising will diminish and before long go away. I'm also a fan of genital torture. Ensure you do not severely hurt your man. Whoever controls the sex in a relationship has all the power and more often than not, it is the woman. If she deals with that, touch an inner lip. Let him suffer as he imagines what he would do to you. Don't just give it away. Riding crops are probably not quiet. You can use a character you and your boyfriend love or pretend to be a dominatrix. Take advantage and make a deal with him to buy you something you always wanted. This teaches your man to have discipline and self-control. Be open verbally to your boyfriend instead of forcing yourself. To spice things up, let your man know that he has a dominatrix later on. The relaxation will come in handy in preparing yourself to hold up your end of the deal. A man can let you take charge of his sexual gratification as long as he knows that you will not demean him afterwards. You need to start withholding sex until he tows the line. Take your time and let him wait for sometimes while he is in his birth suit. If possible you should bend her over something and not let her know whether you are going to spank her or fuck her. As they say, the most erotic thing a man can do for a woman is You can use sex as a bargaining tool to make your man act right in the relationship. Bondage refers to restraining your man from accessing the things he wants by tying his hands and legs. For the moment we keep it "low" but I'm planning to intensify the "training" each time. This will frustrate him if you repeat it. Men respond to sex or lack thereof. Lecture her the whole time on her misdeeds. If it's too much, go down on her and dilute it to kill the burn. The main game will be pure domination and submission.

How to sexually punish your partner

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