How to avoid awkward silences

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I treasure a conversation with a good flow. These are tips you can take with you today and begin using immediately. Why were you looking for more flexibility? I tell you exactly what to do and how and when to do it.

How to avoid awkward silences

An exchange between people can happen simply by having eye contact or being present together, in the same moment. Use that as an opener. Think about someone you are close to. These are questions you ask after some more general questions, like the ones I went through in chapter 1. I have a practical guide for you concerning this, which you can find here. The silence made me uncomfortable, and since I became uncomfortable, the other person would also become uncomfortable. What you need to remember is that they ALL have something in common: Where do you think happiness comes from? Always bear in mind to work on your attitude as well. This is probably because they get to know people better, and two people obviously need to know things about each other to get to know each other. Two universal lifelines Here are two phrases that are almost universal. Create ties The last step of the thread theory is optional and reserved only for special interactions. People are emotionally connected to things that interest them, such as thinking about their future plans, or thinking back on their previous experiences, in some cases their occupations, and — not to be forgotten — themselves and their own lives. Gone for a vacation. Think back on previous subjects This is an important one! At lunch, you end up next to a co-worker or classmate. We are overanalyzing, looking for the perfect thing to say, for the proper line to continue with. Over the years, both me and many of my social confidence coaching clients have tested various tools and techniques to keep conversations going and to avoid those silences that feel weird. How to make conversation in a way that prevents awkward silence As you know from previous chapters , a great way to make conversation is to ask the other person genuine questions and share related bits and pieces from your own life. Why do you love to travel? So much silence that if feels awkward. I would immediately stress myself out thinking I needed to fill it somehow. You may be screaming inside to yourself: Say that the other person previously mentioned a trip to Paris, but the conversation since then has carried on: Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

How to avoid awkward silences

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  1. If you continue on like nothing happened, then there is usually no awkwardness. Use that as an opener.

  2. Can I help you with anything? The other person may not be so eager to talk about some subjects.

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