Hiv testing after risky sex

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If you are worried you can take a second test. Download the request form and take it to a reliable laboratory near you. However, if available, the p24 antigen test will be able to give an accurate result two to four weeks following infection and the NAAT test will be accurate in as little as seven to 14 days after infection. For the rapid test, just a drop of blood is enough.

Hiv testing after risky sex

Your test result is accurate even if you had flu or a cold or are using antihistamine treatment, for example, for hay fever. Testing is usually free and easy. Have you just heard that you have HIV? This can happen with antibody tests when the test picks up antibodies for other infections. Will your doctor or the STI clinic call you back with the results? Your doctor will tell you everything you need to know about HIV testing alongside the other blood tests they do during pregnancy and you will usually be tested at your first appointment. Learn about how to protect yourself. If you have questions that we not explained, or that still worry you, go back to ask that centre again. The number means nothing else in itself. It will detect more than For the rapid test, just a drop of blood is enough. It should be noted that a rapid point-of-care version of these tests is not yet available. Even if you don't expect anything special, it is a good idea to be in a quiet place when you hear the test results. By doing this regularly, you can help keep your mind at rest, and any surprises that do arise can be dealt with quickly. The earlier you start treatment, the greater chance your child will be born HIV-negative. If the viral load test is negative, then the symptoms are not related to HIV. This is something that your doctor or test centre has to do. An unusual seroconversion profile in a pregnant woman infected with the human immunodeficiency virus Be sure to be extra careful during this period — always use condoms and never share injecting equipment. Whether this is after six months or every year will depend on how often you have sex that includes the risk of HIV. Many people still believe they have to wait three months. Newer testing technologies can now detect HIV antibodies when there are lower concentrations in the blood and hence are able to detect an HIV infection much sooner. This is why you should always have a second confirmatory test if the result is positive. About the author s. There is still a lot of misunderstanding about how soon one should get tested after potential HIV exposure. We tested this theory in Zomba, Malawi by randomly assigning serodiscordant couples to receive repeated HTC and serodiscordant couples to receive one time HTC upon study enrollment control group.

Hiv testing after risky sex

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  1. This suggests that a longer duration after a couple's HTC session may be associated with greater expectation that seroconversion occurred, reducing the perceived value of condom use.

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