He hasn t texted me in 4 days

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July 25, at 2: Also, quite obviously it will only work if you are important to the other person and they want to really make you happy. What kind of mindset should you take moving forward?

He hasn t texted me in 4 days

I explained to him that texting only takes half a minute and I totally understand if he is too busy or in a bad mood but please be so kind to let me know especially about something this important. If all this is good not perfect then let your feelings come in and find out if you love him now that you know him. Any thoughts on what I should do would also be welcome, as always. I have no idea what to do… shall I say yes? There is a good chance he is just busy and this is nothing to worry about. You cannot truly gauge his feelings towards you until you return from your trip and are spending physical time with him. Having expectations will only lead to disappointment. If he takes a while, you'll probably either be losing interest or feeling like he just isn't interested enough in you, if you're being honest with yourself. You had sex really quickly, so he is feeling off about it. July 24, at He wants to keep you until he decides what to do with you and his new girl. It is hard to draw the line between expectations and just evaluating behavior. It has a lot to do with he is more interested in his own needs and you are not the priority. Reserve the focus on him for when you are actually in his presence. Your guy is gone. I think it is one of the biggest mistakes which can make even the best guys run and never look back. This will actually make it so that you automatically give off an attractive vibe to not just this guy but men in general. June 3, at 2: Is He Losing Interest? At the six month mark it is time to evaluate if you have continued to date. Guess this is a pet peeve of mine but really when we started dating he pulled it also that he called me after he arrived in my city of work by which time I was leaving to travel home and no I did not change plans for him. June 3, at 3: When you leave the ball in his court, you let it stay there until he hits it back period. Remember, focusing on one guy is going to trip you up. He also continued the conversation we were having, and asked me where I am at the moment. Since this conversation, he hasn't texted in about five days. We know how upsetting it can be sometimes which is why we encourage you to keep doing your thing and being amazing, having fun in your own life!

He hasn t texted me in 4 days

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