Facts about gays

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Can people be forced or convinced to change from gay to straight, or the other way around? This ratio is meaningless because no data were obtained concerning the actual sexual orientation of the teachers involved; as before, Cameron assumed that male-male contacts were perpetrated by homosexuals. Sexual minority identities have not been medicalised nor has there been any genetic testing. Indeed, one widely cited reason for offering such benefits is that they enable a company to remain competitive by attracting high quality employees who happen to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Thus, even if one accepts the questionable assumption that this study is relevant, it doesn't support the FRC's contention that gay men are more likely than heterosexual men to be child molesters for several reasons:

Facts about gays

This refers to specific qualities in people you are sexually attracted to. But these accounts are mere descriptions at best and not scientific theories. They noted that their victims were more likely to be strangers, that they were more likely to have engaged in paraphiliac behavior separate from that involved in the offence, and they were more likely to have past convictions for sexual offences. The brains of gay and heterosexual people also appear to be organised differently. This study also suffers from fatal methodological problems, which are detailed elsewhere on this site. Keep in mind that every type of sexuality is normal and okay. Proving something that is already widely known simply isn't a priority for scientists. Similarly, it is preferable to refer to men's abuse of girls as male-female molestation. Share via Email Genes are far from the whole story. Is homosexuality a disease? Sexuality refers to how you feel and act in terms of sex. Data from studies using a variety of psychological measures do not indicate that gay people are more likely than heterosexuals to possess any psychological characteristics that would make them less capable of controlling their sexual urges, refraining from the abuse of power, obeying rules and laws, interacting effectively with others, or exercising good judgment in handling authority. Many gay men and lesbians began to demand equal treatment in employment practices, housing, and public policy. The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation Topics. Although the topic of homosexuality was little discussed in the public forum during the early part of the 20th century, it became a political issue in many Western countries during the late 20th century. It is important to know that telling others — even people who are close to you — may not always be easy or pleasant. Gender identity is different from sexuality. Not all incidents of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by pedophiles or hebephiles; in some cases, the perpetrator has other motives for his or her actions and does not manifest an ongoing pattern of sexual attraction to children. Judeo-Christian as well as Muslim cultures have generally perceived homosexual behaviour as sinful. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: It is noteworthy that none of those strategies involved avoiding gay men. In the following section, the main sources cited by Dailey and the FRC to support their claim are reviewed. You may be heterosexual if you are attracted to people of the opposite sex as yourself. In the 20th-century United States , a field known as sex research was established among the social and behavioral sciences in an effort to investigate actual sexual practice. In either case, it appears that none of the pictures was rated as "very sexually attractive" a rating of 7. He noted, "The man who offends against prepubertal or immediately postpubertal boys is typically not sexually interested in older men or in women" p. Estimates range from one in 2, births to four per cent of the population however the Organisation Intersex International Australia OII Australia recommends a mid-range figure of 1.

Facts about gays

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  1. Of the last group, Groth and Birnbaum observed that "in their adult relationships they engaged in sex on occasion with men as well as with women.

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