Does having sex for the first time affect your period

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It's normal for periods to be slightly lighter and shorter when on birth control pills. Obviously, for women, the anxieties usually tend to be greater because it's women who can become pregnant, and when sex is brand new, it's typical to worry a lot more about it all than when it's something a person has been doing for a while. Hi doctor, I am 18, and I had unprotected sex a few times last month using the pull-out method.

Does having sex for the first time affect your period

Whilst norethisterone is an effective means of delaying your period, it does not act as contraception so will not protect you against pregnancy. It is assumed from the history that you normally have a regular period and this has been the first time that your periods had been delayed. At times our periods can get delayed due to hormonal imbalance. Many women actually experience a heightened sense of libido just before and during their periods, as the body receives a rush of oestrogen and testosterone. Rightly said, withdrawal is not an effective method. As the precum or pre-seminal fluid the clear fluid that comes out before the semen is rich in active with healthy sperms, it can be enough for you to get pregnant. I cannot tell you conclusively if that was an im The tablet contains a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone, which stops your uterus lining from breaking down and thus delays your period. I had unprotected sex and then had an I-pill. So, her best bet is just to try and relax about this, and if she has any strange discharges or odd symptoms in the next cycle or so, or feels that her withdrawal bleeds really don't appear as they should be, it'd be a good idea for her to check in with her health-care provider. If you had sex during the safe period with I-pill, then the chance of getting pregnant will be low. I used protection and she has been on birth control to regulate her periods out. Since the combined pill stops ovulation happening in the first place, there is no egg present to fertilise. Now when my period got delayed, I started having period cramp I have not had unprotected sex. This type of missed period could be due to ovarian cyst, which can also cause painful cramps with brownish spotting. The report showed no menopause and thyroid was fine. If not, then you can safely opt for a progesterone withdrawal to resume menses. Polyp can also cause pain with brownish spotting. Your contraceptives will still work as normal. But too, if she's new to the pill, that spotting may well be what her withdrawal bleeds the " period " a woman has while on the pill, which isn't really a period at all are like. We answer the commonest questions surrounding having sex on your period. On 17th, I got my periods with blood clots and crampy stomach pain which was not usual for me. Your bleed is not the same as a normal period, but is a simulation of it. The menses can get delayed even up to two weeks, so just wait for another week and they should arrive. I had my periods on then 1st of last month and then had spotting on the 17th.

Does having sex for the first time affect your period

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