Crazy sexy cool the tlc story movie

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Chilli decides that it's best that she get an abortion because of the fragile state her career is in. Rozonda rushes over and immediately talks to Pebbles and when her dance teacher tries to shoo her away, she starts singing, amazing everyone listening. Do movies like this one teach us something about what goes into becoming successful as a musician? Andre walks up to Lisa, proclaiming that he is her biggest fan and requests that she honor him with a dance, to which Lisa obliges. However, on April 25, , Tionne and Chilli learn that Lisa has been killed on impact in a car accident in La Ceiba, Honduras while filming her documentary.

Crazy sexy cool the tlc story movie

She asks one of the other girls why Pebbles was there. In , Lisa moves in with Andre and Chilli is horrified when another girl announces that she is pregnant with Dallas' baby, so she pours her heartbreak into the recording of " Creep ". The attorney tells them that L. The next morning, Chilli admits to her mother that she is uncertain, saying she shouldn't be with Dallas but she cannot let him go. Following a confrontation between Tionne and Bill and Lisa and Larry before a scheduled appearance at TRL, during which Tionne reveals that Larry is married, Bill urges Lisa to sort out her issues with Tionne and Chilli before going on tour or they will all fall back into bankruptcy again. Backstage following a concert, Chilli eyes Dallas talking to yet another girl, arousing her suspicions, and Tionne collapses on the floor and is taken to the hospital. During the recording of " Unpretty ", Chilli breaks up with Dallas, saying that even though they have a son together, they are still very different people and they are not right for each other. After a day of bad auditions, Pebbles decides to let Chilli stay in the group. Watching excerpts of some of the actual footage of their televised events is fun, too. During the auditions, an upset Chilli is with Dallas, who comforts her by kissing her, which leads to them making love while Tionne and Lisa sit through a day of auditions. Throughout it all, the group's hit music is featured. Tionne then gives birth to her daughter, Chase. The girl tells her about Pebbles looking for another girl for a girl group. A doctor informs Lisa, Chilli and Pebbles that Tionne's collapse was due a crisis from her sickle-cell anemia, a fact previously unknown to them, and she needs two weeks to recover, resulting in several cancelled shows. Reid has all their money and they are to only get a stipend while the rest goes into an account so that they don't spend it all. She calls her family only to learn that her father has been shot and killed, which causes her to begin drinking heavily in her grief. The film jumps ahead to a dance class where we see Rozonda Thomas Keke Palmer dancing. In , after receiving awards and other acknowledgements they still don't see any money come in. What do you get out of watching a movie like this? After the girls return home from their tour, they receive their platinum records for 1 million copies sold of their album and they receive their brand new cars, but still wonder where the rest of the money is. It tells the story of how dancer and singer Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas played by Keke Palmer , rapper Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes played by rapper Niatia Kirkland, aka Lil' Mama , and singer Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins Drew Sidora came together from humble beginnings in the s to create the first successful hip-hop girl group and one of the highest-grossing female groups in American music history. Rozonda sees Pebbles walk in and talk to her teacher. Tionne's mother complains to the doctor about not being given reassurance on the ongoing prognosis, but Tionne says that as long as she is living her dream of performing in front of thousands of people, she will be okay. The girls begin their first nationwide tour as an opening act for MC Hammer , and their first concert is met with rousing acclaim from the stadium audience. Tionne, after being rejected from an all-male street dance crew despite impressing the crowd at a rollerskating center, is approached by her friend, Marie, who informs her about a girl group being formed by Ian Burke and persuades her to audition for LaFace Records.

Crazy sexy cool the tlc story movie

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  1. During a night of clubbing with her friend, Lisa complains about a man watching her from afar. Dallas arrives at Chilli's house the next night to apologize to her, and they make love again.

  2. Families can talk about the different ways singers and performers "make it" in the music industry.

  3. She pulls all the girls aside and tells them that they will not curse or be loose, which seems to rub them the wrong way, but they get back to work. Dallas arrives at Chilli's house the next night to apologize to her, and they make love again.

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