Capricorn male and libra woman

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Although sometimes I can't blame him, I always let him know that if he plans on staying with me, he needs to learn to accept that so we can both grow together because right now, his sheild is up, and theres no getting past it. Boundaries and expectations will be the greatest worry here as arguments over clinginess, emotional distance, and intimate needs are frequent focal points. There is probably nothing in the world that could raise their egos higher than situations in which they managed to resolve something by a simple shared effort. Other aspects in our charts make the attractin very strong and vey sensual He treats me unbelievably well.

Capricorn male and libra woman

When we come together on an idea the goal is usually met and met better than we thought it would be. Capricons have good sides yes but the bad side out weigh the good.. We share positively everything with each other EXCEPT his feelings with regards to me or any other woman whom he may or may not be dating. I think it shocked the hell out of him that I made no attempts to reconcile. Not even a good argument can clear the air for this couple. They can talk an Eskimo into buying a snow cone. Everything was about him, him, him. A Capricorn man is extremely confident in all that he does and makes no decisions lightly. To my surprise he didn't know how to do it. Me being a Libra girl who dated a Capricorn man for 2 months what a waste of time that was, all I can say is everything had to be his way or the highway which is a true fact I hated it, very one-sided all the time, I don't know how I got through it but I did. There is no way for me to keep this brief, so I won't even try. Initiating sex with my cap is sooooooo slow but then WHOA! We've been together and un separable now but also give each other space. He's the kind of person that texts me in the same time I'm writing to him and has a song in his mind the whole day and we later realize it was the same I had had in my mind too. We are each other's best friends. Libra women are the most cooperative members of the zodiac, and it shows in the workplace. His love and commitment to his lady makes her feel more motivated towards their association. I am afraid that I will get bored one day.. Later I understand, we just have different ways of expressing our feelings. It is a combination that gives in to outer circumstances and things that are out of their control. I sing out randomly and dance when I feel like dancing. He is my angel baby!! I am just not certain who and if it could possibly be myself. Love is something that is living, it needs to be nurtured and given time to grow. We live about 80 miles apart. We do have different interests, he's a sports man, coaches kids' football, baseball and basketball. Some have me laughing because YES, backwards!!!

Capricorn male and libra woman

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  1. They are strong and intelligent, but also as sweet and soft as a rose. I've been seeing this Cap guy for about 9 yrs now.

  2. From the moment we started dating, he looked into my eyes and said he wanted me to be his first and last girlfriend.

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