Answers to sex questions now

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But the thing is, you probably did have questions. That increases your risk of getting an infection and masks an existing one. Diabetes, depression, hormonal changes, stress, antidepressants, body image issues, and cardiovascular disease can affect your libido, which in turn will affect you during sex. When the tunica albuginea tears, the blood that is normally confined to this space leaks out into other tissues. Can queefing be prevented during sex?

Answers to sex questions now

Do cold sores mean herpes? Need help to Find Your G-Spot? Does piercing my genitals increase my risk for infection? Your first step is to locate your PC muscles by trying to stop your urine flow when you pee. Sign up for our Sexual Health Newsletter! Run to your gynecologist to have it evaluated immediately. Oh — and there are also Kegels. This can lead to urinary tract and bladder infections. So that we can burst the bubble of shame and embarrassment and taboo and general please-can-we-not-talk-about-this vibes surrounding the sex talk, we want to answer some of the sex-related questions you never wanted to ask. But you can get either virus in either area through oral-genital contact. There are also medical issues that could be affecting your ability to orgasm. Laura Berman , this will also make your orgasms more intense. This type of relationship is different for each and every couple because each relationship has very different needs. If it happens frequently, take an over-the-counter anti-gas medication that contains simethicone before having sex, she advises. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe. Rather, talk about it with your partner and expand your sex life together. We recommend that you start here. That increases your risk of getting an infection and masks an existing one. Emily Morse, host of Sex With Emily. If one breast suddenly becomes much larger than the other, it could indicate an infection or tumor. Sit back, relax and read on… 1. Is it normal to pass gas during orgasm? In other words, head to the emergency room! Herpes simplex virus 1 HSV-1 usually occurs above the waist generally through kissing or sharing eating utensils. These glands drain into the urethra, but also swell with blood when one is aroused. I smell down there. Is a cold sore the same as herpes?

Answers to sex questions now

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  1. Sign up for our Sexual Health Newsletter! Once you push a couple of pound babies through the birth canal, things down there won't look the same.

  2. Also, protect yourself with routine Pap tests, which look for changes in the cervix that could eventually become cancer.

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