2004 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

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It also routes current from the battery to the starter to crank the engine. Then when you install the new switch you need to verify that it is also in the same accessory position before you install the new part. This usually requires having your vehicle towed to a new car dealer or other authorized repair facility so the computer can be programmed to recognize the new key. The way to tell this seemingly serious transmission problem apart from an ignition switch malfunction is to immediately pull the trouble codes from the vehicle's main computer. This provides us with an opportunity to not only save money on the parts, but also the labor.

2004 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

Care must be taken to make sure the steering wheel is removed and installed properly so the airbag connections are not damaged, and are reconnected correctly so the airbag will work. Ignition switches wear from normal use. If this is not done, the engine won't start and run. You should now be able to remove the key from the switch. The vehicle was not repaired. The problem is the key. While the mechanic had my truck for several hours until I could go back to pick it up, he said he started it many times and it appeared to be fixed. Unfortunately, this redesign did not improve the reliability of the switch itself. If that is not an option, the key cylinder in the ignition switch will have to be replaced along with a new set of keys. Problems with the shift interlock solenoid may prevent the transmission from being shifted out of Park. Ignition switches that are mounted on the steering column are usually located under some type of shroud or trim cover that must first be removed to access the switch. On some applications, the switch must be in a certain position before it is removed or installed so that it will align properly. It also routes current from the battery to the starter to crank the engine. So I leave the mechanic shop and go back to work, then get off work hours later and my truck will not start. On GM vehicles this manufacturer specific trouble code represents a failure of the ignition switch. Also, I keep the headlights on automatic with the selector switch. Worn contacts inside the switch may cause a momentarily loss of voltage as a result of heat or vibration as when driving on a rough road or hitting a bump. This requires replacement of the lock cylinder or repairing the electrical connector that provides the security code or passkey information. If you have no spare key, a lock smith may be able to make you a new key using a key code from the owner's manual or auto maker. In addition, the abs sensor light illuminated. Drivers can also complain that the ignition key becomes difficult to operate. On these older Chevrolet trucks you might also set a torque converter clutch solenoid code like P and P that stands for a torque converter clutch solenoid electrical failure. I flicked the key to start this morning and heard it try to start. But, yesterday the battery gauge went to 0 when trying to start. The good news is if you have a bad ignition switch you don't need to buy a new key. In addition, we'll talk about what it takes to replace these parts and link you to some videos so you can see the repairs in action. The battery gauge showed 14 volts while driving, so the alternator was good.

2004 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

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  1. You should now be able to remove the key from the switch. An ignition switch has four positions:

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