Zodiac kinks

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This sign explores things thoroughly, yes, but then moves on to the next unexplored sexual arena with little warning and even less regret. Of course, not every Scorpio you meet will be secretly sizing you up for a studded collar and leash. Scorpios have dark mysterious personas, and many of them are not willing to share their partners with anyone. Ruled by Venus, Taureans live to be pleasurably stimulated. Aries Image Source Aries people are daring, spontaneous, and energetic, which translates pretty well under the covers.

Zodiac kinks

But sexually, they want to relax. It is no coincidence that the sign for the Gemini is the twins, because when the Gemini person is going for it, they like to get kinky. Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th Not known as a particularly sexual sign, Capricorns actually let go in that arena. Taurus Image Source Taurus is the most sensual influence in the zodiac, bar none. Many Cancerians like to use the blindfold and sensory tools like feathers or ice. Think lingerie, lace, and satin. Aquarius Image Source Just as water is mercurial and has a mind of its own, Aquarians also tend to be quirky and deviant. They want the opposite. Whips, gags, genital clamps, fully equipped dungeons, Scorpio is willing to use it if necessary. Libra September 23rd to October 22nd All about fairness, Libras like equal parts giving and taking. Virgo August 23rd to September 22nd Virgos are typically uptight and critical. Leos are show offs, and they love to be watched and admired. The sheets tend to be the places where they like to be submissive, and most Capricorns have a tendency to veer towards bondage. Leo July 23rd to August 22nd In daily life, Leos are powerful and demanding. Cancer Image Source The Cancer has a mysterious characteristic to their personality that can make them seem like a bit of an enigma at times. They are workaholics and known to be so responsible. Some might even say…anal. Taurus April 20th to May 21st Taurus, while typically more reserved and closed off, really lets loose in the bedroom. Handcuffs, whips, the whole shebang. Aries Image Source Aries people are daring, spontaneous, and energetic, which translates pretty well under the covers. They are the ones fucking against a wall or going round after round. They can be nasty considering how conservative they appear. In earthy Taurus, Venusian desire is grounded in physical pleasure, but in Libra, the Goddess of Love is all air. What Dirty Things Each Zodiac Sign Will Try in Bed Sex is great, but sometimes, we require something a little more to add to the fun that is lovingly named the beast with two backs. Foot fetishes are fairly common amongst this star sign, and many Taureans also love to make love with nothing on but the shoes.

Zodiac kinks

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