Wife doesnt enjoy sex 48

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I know, it sounds weird, but if it works for you, then it works. I enjoy it, yes, but my god it is emotional work for me to have sex! I lived with 10 years of chronic fatigue.

Wife doesnt enjoy sex 48

But your wife feels that her responsiveness when you initiate should be proof enough that she wants you. The conference this year is going to be incredible with 8 deep dive mentors and 14 breakout speakers. For some, you entered into the world of motherhood rather quickly. One of the things that sex is designed for is to bring you and your man closer together. I know you would like a "fix" here, but I don't think this can come from your wife; she isn't wired that way. Either schedule it, or take it upon yourself to initiate more regularly. She says no, everything's fine. I thnk sometimes, when people jump in to answer a question like this, they gloss over the frustration and helplessness the asker is feeling, and may have been dealing with for quite some time. It is also perfectly reasonable to be unhappy with your wife never initiating sex. It sounds more like her sex drive is characterized by "responsive desire". And sometimes the chance is lost because having small kids is an emotional sinkhole and being almost solely responsible for their care making the decisions AND physical care AND emotional care AND being the one who organises the rest of it when you can't is horribly draining. Ya know, those things have a tendency to be related to imbalanced hormones! You have a wife that you seem to like, who is willing to have sex, and who enjoys sex in the event. Husbunny really likes this Chinese place by our house, it doesn't do a thing for me. She has a low sex drive. She probably has a pretty good idea of how sex works for her. She no longer trusts him. The good news, I guess, is that if you can accept that for her simply agreeing to have sex means she finds you attractive, and be okay with always being the one to initiate--which, honestly, I don't know that I could--you can just initiate more. Yep, been here as well, my friend. If she is not having much sex with her husband or anyone else, it seems she would likely masturbate if she had a high sex drive. It's never really a first line of relaxation thing honestly, it's likely to hurt if I'm still wound up and when it is, it's almost entirely because of hormones pregnancy and ovulation and my partner and I have no control over that. I know all husbands want to connect with their wives, and I can only imagine that you are hurting in your marriage. It's not like she's denying you or anything. She doesn't masturbate, which to me indicates low sex drive. Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. For all intents and purposes, you can't change her low sex drive unless it's the result of some medical issue. And you're both frustrated at this point.

Wife doesnt enjoy sex 48

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  1. She really doesn't think about seducing you because that's just not who she is, sexually. Anyway, people who equate sex with power simply withhold or provide sex to get what they want.

  2. If it helps, after reading through this question several times, I don't see any evidence that your wife is not attracted to you any more.

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