Why do women get involved in the thailand sex trade

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In , the king passed laws to legalize prostitution and help sex workers get medical care. It will not be long before she feels comfortable enough with the man to want a few presents. The growth of commercial sex in Thai society cannot be explained by the traditional gender roles in Buddhism; quite the opposite, it thrives on the increasingly consumerist and materialistic nature of the contemporary Thai culture.

Why do women get involved in the thailand sex trade

It is easy to lure these women from neighboring countries because Thailand has 56 unofficial crossover points and checkpoints, where people can cross the border without paperwork. Before the s, commercialized sex in Thailand was a small industry. It was in the s that the sex industry began to flourish in Thailand where an increase in Chinese immigrants started to flock to Thailand, which were up until the s. It is easy to see the appeal of Thai women. The girl was arrested and deported. In the meantime, the young woman will find her way into the sex industry where, if she is attractive enough, she can earn 1,baht a night or more compared to the 3,baht a month she would earn working on a farm in Isaan. Men are often reluctant to report these crimes so there is no knowing how prevalent this is in Phuket. I don't know about other countries, but in Thailand the sexual behaviour of Thai men accepts prostitution. Women have been considered the property of men since the 15th century, and as codified by law, husbands could beat or sell their wives without sanctions. Legalization attempt[ edit ] In , the Ministry of Justice considered legalising prostitution as an official occupation with health benefits and taxable income and held a public discussion on the topic. These concerns include that the law authorizes police to enter alleged sex establishments without a warrant, the lack of social assistance provided to victims, involutary repatriations, and the resulting division between NGOs which claim to oppose sex trafficking and those which support sex workers themselves. More than 80, people have been sold into the Thai sex industry since Since I've started working there, my life is so much better. Prostitution flourished especially after the abolishment of slavery in as former slave wives under the feudal system found themselves alone and without financial support. But in Thailand and Malaysia I heard it was pretty easy to earn money so I went There have now been a few confirmed reports of this happening in Phuket. When I finally realised, I couldn't take it and I walked out of the bar. The second reason is a cultural factor. And of course, she will remain in love as long as there is some form of payment on the horizon. Due to this belief, many female victims never used contraceptives or received medical checkups and thus were at a higher risk of contracting a disease or getting pregnant. But the lives of many of the city's sex workers are full of danger, disease and the urgent need to send money home. Additionally, only men can be monks; so, the best women can do to achieve religious merit is to bring honor and finances to the family. Many of the hosts have sex with their clients. However, they very quickly learn the tricks of the trade. Sex Trafficking in Thailand Today Sex trafficking victims are typically found in sex clubs, basement brothels, remote massage parlors and street prostitution. He served as minister for tourism and AIDS prevention from to , and also founded the restaurant chain Cabbages and Condoms, which gives free condoms to customers.

Why do women get involved in the thailand sex trade

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  2. Most victims are likely to be under control of their owners after being trafficked into a new country. It operates a health clinic for sex workers and conducts HIV prevention and prophylaxis education.

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