What does validating a website mean

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The World Wide Web Consortium sets the standards and also hosts a variety of web page validators. Coding your pages so that it is correct without errors will result in pages that are more likely to work across browsers and platforms ie, different systems. Validation is important, and will ensure that your web pages are interpreted in the same way the way you want it by various machines, such as search engines, as well as users and visitors to your webpage.

What does validating a website mean

This may not be as fantastic an idea as it first appears, since their solution may be too general to be helpful for your specific problem, unless the error message is the result of your pasting code from some popular source like Youtube or something of that level of popularity. Not all validators check for the same things. Let's take this sentence "Chris a sandwich ate" which is grammatically incorrect when used in a non-poetic context. If you are sincere in presenting standardized pages to the public, test them with several validators. They can also happen inside of a post. Semantically, however, the sentence describes a different thing from what you meant. The web is, to put it charitably, a rather forgiving place. And for what reason? After jumping through the HTML validation hoops ourselves, here's my advice: It's sort of like passing your source code through an ultra-strict lint validation program, or setting your compiler to the strictest possible warning level. That also means that it will be accessible to more people, across more web browsers and operation systems. Validate these page views as well to make sure you cover all the template files. Another way is to search the Internet for the solution. If you are wondering what the difference is, an analogy from normal human language will hopefully make it clear. As far as I can tell, for the most part, this kind of error does not cause any problem for either browsers or search engines. This article discusses what validation means, points you to some of the free tools that you can use, and deals with its limitations and the problems that a new webmaster may face. I couldn't help feeling that validating as HTML 4. However, it cannot catch errors of the second kind, where you get the spelling and order and all other technical aspects correct, but the code you used does not match the meaning you intended. Everyone has a different system and way of working, so ask for others to test-drive your styles or themes before you make them public. In order to comply with the HTML 4. With the modular Themes and template files in WordPress, while you may fix all the errors associated with the index. Search Engine Visibility When there are errors in a web page, browsers typically try to compensate in different ways. In comparison, most programming languages are almost cruelly unforgiving. How Often Should I Validate? There is some truth to this.

What does validating a website mean

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