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Reconsideration denied March 12, Boyles sought and received de novo review before the State Board. Our disposition of this case makes it unnecessary to reach this issue.


Boyles sought and received de novo review before the State Board. The Washington Lawyers' Committee has submitted comments in opposition to any changes. Again, benefits were denied. We believe a fair reading of these statutes leads to the conclusion that respondent's defeat in this election also ended his right to disability benefits as a sheriff. Foster, Special Assistant, for petitioner. In its complaint, the ERC alleged that MAA maintained and enforced a criminal records screening policy that categorically barred an untold number of individuals with criminal histories from living at their properties in violation of the Fair Housing Act of The Committee is proud to partner with the Equal Rights Center which has pioneered the use of testing in order to identify wide-spread local and national housing practices that discriminate against low-income residents and individuals with criminal histories, all of whom are people of color. He cited a chronic lung condition and a hearing impairment as the source of his disability. The trial judge, on the other hand, concluded that an individual is disabled when "he is no longer able to perform, with average efficiency, all of the ordinary duties which may be required of his position, grade or rank with the law enforcement or firefighting department. Any civil service employee of the state of Washington or any political subdivision thereof who is on leave of absence by reason of having been elected or appointed to an elective office shall be preserved in his civil service status, his seniority, rank and retirement rights so long as he regularly continues to make the usual contribution incident to the retention of such beneficial rights as if he were not on leave of absence: We find that the court below did not apply the correct standard. Kuwait was the only country requiring compulsory DNA testing. Today, some 60 countries operate national DNA databases worldwide, and another 34 countries are expanding or establishing databanks, according to the GeneWatch, an international nonprofit advocacy group working to protect genetic information. The Board had found that Boyles was not disabled because he "could perform the obligations and duties of Sheriff in an administrative capacity and as Chief Executive Officer of the office of Sheriff of Franklin County with reasonable and average effectiveness. The Board appealed the trial court's decision, arguing that an improper standard of review had been applied. Eikenberry, Attorney General, Rochelle E. A regulation promulgated by the U. Its unlawful actions have resulted in the unnecessary and excessive incarceration of sick and dying prisoners. Claims for disability are heard by either city or county disability boards authorized by RCW When enacted, the bill will make evading fare on WMATA buses and trains a civil offense punishable by a fine. The Franklin County Sheriff's Department first employed respondent in when he accepted a position as deputy sheriff. In November of that year he applied for disability benefits, asserting that his physical condition prevented him from performing the ordinary duties of a sheriff. Respondent, on the other hand, urges that the proper standard for determining his disability is contained in the statute. Reconsideration denied March 12, A regulation promulgated by the U.


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  2. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on behalf of a terminally-ill prisoner who was unlawfully denied compassionate release by the BOP. Moreover, most of the large U.

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