Tucson desert singles

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Tucson is a fantastic birding location. Mahjongg is limited to those who already know how to play. A new group of 12 players can be formed whenever there is enough interest.

Tucson desert singles

We'll visit nurseries and garden venues, and get advice from local gardening experts on creating and maintaining beautiful desert gardens. Once a month our members enjoy a social evening at the home of a member. Want to share the experience with others? Each event has details on equipment requirements, carpooling, parking, etc. A new group of 12 players can be formed whenever there is enough interest. The discussion facilitator does a little research on the movie to come up with questions to enable leading the discussion. Here are some additional ideas to get you started: Each month there is a different theme or country selected by the host. New players are always welcome and you can learn it in one session. Each Newcomer brings a bottle of wine with the theme and price range selected by the host. If you have clogged before, please join us. Meet on the second Friday of the month in the morning. The Intermediate golf group is open to all members who have some experience at the game of golf. Wine is also regularly served. In some groups the members also bring an appetizer to share. The second Wednesday of each month, a luncheon is organized at area restaurants or country clubs. At the end of season, there is a group dinner and awards. The Line Dancing intermediate class precedes the beginner class on Friday mornings. This is a friendly card game similar to Canasta. It is a great event for spouses to get to meet other people and socialize. We meet once a month. You may join any activity that interests you - no limit! Members meet at the Fiesta Bowl at River and Oracle from 1: The cost of the teacher and dance studio is divided evenly among the participants on a monthly basis. They are a great way to meet new people and reconnect with friends you may not see at other events. Activity can last hrs.

Tucson desert singles

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  1. There is no cost. We will have a docent-led tour of a local museum each month, followed by a happy hour to discuss the interesting displays and things we learned.

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