Tinder game pua

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Have your face clearly visible- This one is very obvious 3. Because tinder wants people to start talking right away. This will make it feel like it's more of a reward to the girl if you qualified them. Oh god this is important!

Tinder game pua

Maybe Alexis will like you? Now with that thought in mind all I try and do on tinder is tip the odds in my favor. I'm just gonna put this in point for me do's and don'ts because it should be self explanatory. Out of those that do, some of them will not vibe with you during the conversation. Do you want to be lost in the middle of the pack or do you wanna be at the very top so she sees you first? Damn must be nice. That one solid color. I could get into why it helps but you're not stupid. These CAN work, but girls are so used to seeing these openers lead to a boring or creepy conversation that when you start with them, they MAY put you at a disadvantage. How can we make her msg us back? Have you ever seen or heard about a girls tinder account? Here are some tips for choosing a good profile picture: We really stand out. Tinder goal is to match as many people and get as many conversations going as possible. So I've written a lot I'm sure there's mistakes in Grammer since I'm writing this as quickly as possible. So how do we stand out? How can you stand out? Well here's how I do it 1. We're missing just the last 2 things to really make this work. I like "bringing sexy back" or "summer love" just keep it casual you're not there to impress her with your choice of music. What's even better about this is that I bet you didn't know that and guess what if you didn't most of the other guys don't either!!! Why not see who it is? Stay the hell away from bathrooms and mirrors - Girls don't want to see the place you take a shit. There are canned lines i. Hey you matches with Alexis and she's replying to you too??? This will make it feel like it's more of a reward to the girl if you qualified them. Last edited by Porionr; at

Tinder game pua

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