Things to make your husband feel special

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On a night you have nothing planned, surprise him by having his favorite movie rented. This will blow his mind! Refuse to let him leave without a kiss on his forehead.

Things to make your husband feel special

But if I stop by the frozen yogurt shop without telling him, and then surprise him later in the evening right about the time his sweet tooth kicks in , then presto chango: Most of all, have fun! But a woman who treats her man like a king will be treated like a queen. I love this one! Clear your head for a minute before you see each other so you can feel happy and excited and not bring the stress of your day with you. And if he likes a close shave, even better. The only thing you have to do is take the time to pull together some of his favorite photos and select the right music. Turn your husband gratitude list into a keepsake. Get a little flirty. Learn how to give a great back massage, and give him one without him asking — or you needing one in return. On a night you have nothing planned, surprise him by having his favorite movie rented. Surprise him with lunch at his job. Fall in love with his hobby. Fill his car up with gas. Think about the little ways you make him feel loved every day. But this can be loads of fun. Until tomorrow…make it a great day! Did you know there are sites that tell you when the next full moon will take place? Their jobs are hard enough. Dinner under the full moon. Confetti is usually used at celebrations and joyous occasions, but Ayesha used it cheer her husband and his teammates up after a loss. Pack his lunch for him and leave a love note in with his favorite kind of sandwich. Keep his favorite beer in your fridge. In the bedroom and outside of it, here are 5 great ways to spice up your marriage. She was standing in the tunnel waiting for her husband to come through. Take your hubby on a passport adventure.

Things to make your husband feel special

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  1. What would he love to see when he comes home? After losing the game, you could imagine the team was feeling down.

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