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Snuffy's mom and dad and his little sister Alice. The pitch was about these kids that go to [the allegedly ghost-occupied swamp area] Honey Island in Louisiana. A crew member got pushed down the stairs at the penitentiary by something. They came up with the idea of people self-filming.


We wanted all of them to meet for the first time. Old tables, desks, vats, junk. Nobody knew I was there. The objective was simple: Someone told me we laid down 10, feet of cable in some places. Snuffleupagus comes to Sesame Street wearing black-and-white overalls. I travel quite a bit. Similar to how Big Bird often mispronounced Mr. Martin and Eric wanted to go to the prison first. We used the same basic rigs. There were even eyeholes cut out of paintings so you could spy on people. Eric and I were in one car and they were in the other, passing each other. I vividly remember someone saying no. That brand was put to use by writing and producing partners Martin Kunert and Eric Manes, who conceived of a feature film pitch about an MTV-esque reality show that goes awry. The guy directing traffic just left and we kept going. They had a VCR in the hotel room or safe house, but they could only watch horror films. We were all getting sick. We were trying to de-stimulate them. He was originally modeled after a woolly mammoth, but without the tusks. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the puppet was rebuilt in 20 minutes. Their body was like the tripod. Louis, Missouri, where multiple people had committed suicide on the premises] stood out for me. The whole crew worked like crazy to lay all the cable, set up the dares, and put the cameras in the right places. It changed the experience. Source Of all of the popular kid's shows throughout the years, almost none are as loved as Sesame Street.


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  1. Bob gets a glimpse of Snuffy as he's waking up. Then he started showing himself to the other characters on the show, mainly the kids, until finally allowing the adults to see him seventeen years in!

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