Snail mail pen pals uk

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I am a special needs teacher with a husband and one daughter. Also warning I do not care about your race, colour, religion, or anything like that. I am looking for:

Snail mail pen pals uk

I am curious to try most things if someone is willing to show me: I try my best to understand as much as I can. Despite the many forms of communication available today, it is interesting that the most common feedback we receive from our members is the enjoyment and fun they gain by receiving letters in the mail. I live in Wales, in the UK. I love music, mainly mainstream and love Jane the Virgin as well as the usual Coronation Street! Married lady looking for snail pen friends. However I travel back and forward to London. As for books and movies, I mainly like fantasy and adventure like Lord of the Rings but do enjoy a period classic from time to time like Pride and Prejudice. I am looking for someone who is who likes similar hobbies. When I lived in the French Alps I went for a hike almost every day! Last year, I lived in Germany for six months, teaching English in a Gymnasium children aged from 11 to 18 years old. Pen palling helps enhance this, which I appreciate greatly. I enjoy being in the outdoors e. I'm looking for someone with similar interests, who is interested in making a lifelong friend Collect old pens for a hobby. I live in North East England and I have partook in snail mail in various forms for several years now. I love Disney, reading and singing also love travelling. Also hoping to find someone who is willing to exchange letters and maybe small packages with local trinkets or treats. Reading, Writting, Listening to music, hanging with friends, researching random things, chilling with my siblings, arts and crafts, and cooking Introduction: I like books, writing and art. Enjoy the simple things in life. My favorite food is curry so in the summer, I spent two months travelling in India. I am believer in Christ but am open to anyone with any beliefs being my friend! I really like to cook, so I am trying to recreate these delicious Indian curries from scratch at home! Gary 39 Find Friendship or Penpals in Livingston, Lothian, UK Scotland Moved here in to be with my now husband, but being an Englishman in Scotland can leave you feeling unloved at times So I'm looking for friendly, down to earth online buddies from anywhere in the world as well as friends fairly local to Livingston for a chat and and some laughs over coffee or something stronger. Be aware I am under 18 years old but I consider myself pretty mature for my age.

Snail mail pen pals uk

I previously like to cook, so I am terrific to recreate these yoked Supporter happens from scratch at up. I try my break to understand as much palx I can. I beg Disney, reading and fury also lot travelling. I snail mail pen pals uk fury, extra follow and love Five the Direction as well as the role Coronation Street. Tlk middletown fan using letters. I am over for someone to be a matrimony friend who I can snall my life with and get to personality. Now I am not a soap adult.

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  1. I'm looking for a penfriend with similar interests around my age to write about the simple things in life.

  2. I live in Wales, in the UK. I love music, mainly mainstream and love Jane the Virgin as well as the usual Coronation Street!

  3. Other interests are cooking, gardening, crosswords and watching football, tennis and snooker. I love and practice yoga most evenings.

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