Sigmund freud theory of personality summary

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Freud sought to understand the nature and variety of these illnesses by retracing the sexual history of his patients. The conscience contains ideals and morals that exist within society that prevent people from acting out based on their internal desires. This also leads to an Oedipal Complex. Freud attributed totem religions to be a result of extreme emotion, rash action, and the result of guilt.

Sigmund freud theory of personality summary

He regarded God as an illusion, based on the infantile need for a powerful father figure. His idea of the id explains why people act out in certain ways, when it is not in line with the ego or superego. The purpose of dreamwork is to transform the forbidden wish into a non-threatening form, thus reducing anxiety and allowing us to continue sleeping. The guilt they feel for their actions and for the loss of a father figure leads them to prohibit incest in a new way. Based on this dream, Freud went on to propose that a major function of dreams was the fulfillment of wishes. The ranges of instincts are in great numbers. It is governed by irrational forces, and the unconscious, as well as instinctual and biological drives. The id does not have a grasp on any form of reality or consequence. Click here for more information on defense mechanisms. This particular theory shows how adult personality is determined by childhood experiences. Thus, children are able to develop social skills, and find comfort through peer and family interaction. During this stage the need for tasting and sucking becomes prominent in producing pleasure. During therapy sessions with patients, Freud would ask his patients to discuss what was on their mind. Frustration arises when sexual needs are not fulfilled. Ego[ edit ] In order for people to maintain a realistic sense here on earth, the ego is responsible for creating balance between pleasure and pain. It thus reacts to protect the individual from any stressors and anxiety by distorting reality. This example goes to show that although the id is supposed to be controlled by the ego, they often interact with one another according to the drives of the id. The aim of psychoanalysis therapy is to release repressed emotions and experiences, i. Many of the symbolic stages focus on sexual connotations. It is full of self-destruction of sexual energy and our unconscious desire to die. Ideas first go through a process of condensation that takes thoughts and turns them into a single image. In an amusing example of the limitations of universal symbols, one of Freud's patients, after dreaming about holding a wriggling fish, said to him 'that's a Freudian symbol - it must be a penis! Totemism is a means of preventing incest and as a ritual reminder of murder of the father. Standard edition, 19, The Genital stage is achieved if people meet all their needs throughout the other stages with enough available sexual energy.

Sigmund freud theory of personality summary

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  1. It initiated and addressed the importance of the unconscious, sexual and aggressive drives that make up the majority of all human beings' personalities. He had been worried about a patient, Irma, who was not doing as well in treatment as he had hoped.

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