Sexless marriage can lead to divorce

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In a marriage where one spouse is willfully withholding sex, the problems in the relationship seldom stop at the bedroom door. One spouse denying intimacy to the other is incredibly damaging to a marriage. It makes couples who are trying their best but not having a lot of sex to feel inadequate; it also gives ammunition to a spouse who doesn't think they are getting enough sex. Using sex as a weapon and withholding sex out of spite is a deeply unhealthy way of dealing with marital problems and contributes to the case for an at fault divorce.

Sexless marriage can lead to divorce

What didn't surprise me was there were over 4, comments; the article struck a deep chord on both sides of the should-we-get-a-divorce-because-we're-not-having-sex debate. In a marriage where one spouse is willfully withholding sex, the problems in the relationship seldom stop at the bedroom door. Once couple issues are sorted, they can then work on their sexual compatibility. It is impossible to give concrete parameters as it is a couple by couple situation. Repeated rejection Sexless marriage is both physically and emotionally taxing. Consider filing on other grounds Consider the other marital obligations mentioned above: And understanding their sexual compatibility is more of a barometer for what's going on outside their bedroom. And yet it is a starting ground for a couple to understand whether they are mutually satisfied with their sex life. Where sex was once effortless and satisfying, it has become a mine-field of negative feelings. And is this grounds for divorce? Disagreements between couples, the stress of raising children, and physical health problems are all cited as common reasons for a decreased sex drive or lack of sex in a marriage. A willful failure to fulfill those obligations can be considered constructive abandonment; the spouse is considered to have emotionally withdrawn from the marriage. First it requires them to get a third party -- like a counselor -- to help sort out their couple issues. It comes down to whether a couple is willing to invest in themselves, their partnership and their sexual happiness. Dry spells are normal in any marriage, and outside influences like medication, stress, and lack of sleep can all impact sexual desire. It raises the question: One of the top three questions I answer in interviews is "How much sex is normal? There is an easy fix to this type of "sexual incompatibility" but only if the couple wants it to be an easy fix. You must prove that the denial of sex or intimacy was willful on the part of your spouse. And, of course, I acknowledge and appreciate the frustration, shame and hurt that comes from a marriage lacking in intimacy. One spouse denying intimacy to the other is incredibly damaging to a marriage. Not surprisingly differences in sexual wants, needs and desires within a long-term relationship is a confusing topic. I'm not sure where this "research" is derived, but, unfortunately, it is now held as a media-fueled truth. I would bet my mortgage those couples contemplating divorce are sexually compatible, they're just not willing to invest time and energy into making their sexual relationship work. But in my opinion many divorces over "sexual incompatibility" aren't necessary. Sexual incompatibility falls more in line of, for example, one partner wants to enter a sexual "lifestyle" such as swinging, BDSM, etc. When marrying, spouses are committing to support each other financially and emotionally, participate in child-rearing and show each other love and affection.

Sexless marriage can lead to divorce

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