Sex with girls in cz

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We believe that such action would be a terrible mistake for the country as a whole and, in particular, for the women and children of the Eastern Europe region who will be victims of the Czech Republic sex trade Protection[ edit ] The Czech Government continued to improve trafficking protection and assistance over the last year. The Government of the Czech Republic fully complies with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.

Sex with girls in cz

Amendments to the Czech Penal Code went into effect in November , making all forms of trafficking illegal, including labor exploitation and internal trafficking. Prevention[ edit ] The Ministry of Interior is currently collaborating with IOM to produce a demand-reduction campaign targeting clients of commercial sex outlets along the Czech-German border area. The Crime Prevention Department continued awareness programs at schools. It operates a center in Prague and a phone helpline. An analysis of hospitalization records reveals that syphilis rates have steadily risen from 1. Ethnic Roma women are at the highest risk for internal trafficking, and almost always are trafficked by a relative or someone known to them previously. Brothels line the country's roads to Austria and Germany, the source of many customers. Archived from the original PDF on The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued to provide trafficking information to applicants for Czech visas from identified trafficking source countries. We close by urging you to reject the calls for legalization that sully the reputation of the Czech Republic and dishonor its history. In , the Czech Government strengthened its anti-trafficking legislation and turned its pilot victim assistance program into a nationwide government-funded program. Protection[ edit ] The Czech Government continued to improve trafficking protection and assistance over the last year. A government-fund-ed NGO conducted awareness campaigns among potential trafficking victims at schools and asylum centers. In November , the Model of Support and Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons was expanded to a permanent, government-funded program that is open to all foreign and Czech victims. Brothels are sexual gulags for women and girls In , the Czech government approved a law to license prostitutes and confine the trade to certain areas as part of an effort to curb prostitution and reduce organized crime. Prosecution[ edit ] The Czech police increased its capacity to investigate and convict traffickers over the reporting period, although the overall numbers of cases prosecuted pursuant to anti-trafficking legislation remained low and sentences imposed remained weak. While no government officials were indicted or convicted for complicity in trafficking, allegations continued about the involvement of individual border police officers facilitating illegal border crossings. Failed legalization attempt[ edit ] Prostitutes in the Czech Republic work in a legal grey area, neither explicitly legal nor illegal, which makes it tough for the state to control disease, the sex-slave trade and underage prostitution. Weekend trips to Prague for some tourists also include visits to erotic clubs. We are writing to express our profound concern over the prospect that the Czech Republic may be planning to legalize prostitution In , Czech authorities investigated 30 individuals and prosecuted 19 under the trafficking statutes. Maximum trafficking penalties were increased from 12 to 15 years, with a minimum penalty of two years. A decision to accommodate traffickers, pimps, and organized crime's slave trade in girls and women [is] an act unworthy of Czechs' traditions of fighting for their own freedom. The government houses victims and potential victims applying for asylum with other at-risk groups in guarded asylum centers to prevent unwanted contact with traffickers. The courts convicted 12 traffickers under those statutes, an increase from five in

Sex with girls in cz

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