Sex is better without a condom

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But she also invented STDs, and babies. That fist night back to sex without one set that idea in concrete. But condoms will never, ever, ever..

Sex is better without a condom

And it dries me out… Thank goodness my boyfriend and I are safe enough to go bareback. I was in a stable relationship where I got out of the habit of wearing one long term monogamous, she on birth control, I pulled out and I WAY prefer that. I prefer a condom for several reasons. That too can be awesome. More so is the chemical reaction for women. Some think it feels better, some think it feels worse. That fist night back to sex without one set that idea in concrete. Ah, always a but. The smell, the gooey lube feeling, the coldness, everything. Some girls and guys say that they feel distanced from their partners when they use condoms. Friction is nice but only on the inside, not the opening of your puss where it gets sore. Like BV and Yeast… I can feel the rubbery texture, which does not compare to skin on skin. In fact they even caused me to have infections, gross. I used a condom once- hated everything about it. Since then I got on nexaplon and that was that. Tweet Does sex feel different with a condom? Felt more like a medical exam than a sexy moment. As well as I lose sensitivity over it. When you have the opportunity to test it though, then you will better know how accurate these things pertain to you. It does feel different without, but I am uncircumcised and the tip of my penis is very sensitive, with a fragile frenulum. Flavored condoms can also be used for oral sex. Plus, cumming inside her is incredibly sexy. Oh yeah, its not comfortable for me at all. Is one better or worse in feeling, no not really. Sex is fucking fun…what can I say? Also, sometimes I still have problems getting wet, no matter how turned on I am, so prelubricated condoms make sex much more comfortable and let my bf last longer.

Sex is better without a condom

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  1. The direct contact makes for a better feeling for many and more so at the end semen causes a chemical reaction in women that tends to cause a more satisfying or even elevated experience.

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