Sex in a rocking chair

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Basically, the video producers and directors took a song that was silly and fun and catchy, and turned it into something that could be shady or inappropriate. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Such a platform provides stability to the apparatus as well as the availability of broader support for both partners.

Sex in a rocking chair

Fuhrman discloses a device for facilitating sexual intercourse by moving the female's position forward towards the seated male position. Its exact measurements are: She upped her game, lost her clothes and suddenly everyone was talking about her again. Another important feature of the invention includes the compression springs which connect the flat padded support [] 6 to the center bracket 3 and the non-dominant brace 7 or to the platform. The dominant padded seat [] 8 is connected to the apparatus frame. The front legs 22 may terminate at point 31, or may form one continuous piece including the footrest brace One such device is found in the U. Though which channel still plays music videos all day, I have no clue. A pair of upright position footrests 10 are connected to the left and right supporting legs, respectively, and are located near the center of the non-dominant flat support 6. However, none of the prior art discloses a device for practicing sexual intercourse using varied positions and methods. The frame has a head end 20 and a seat end 21, as shown on FIG. I hear it as more empowering than degrading. The seat is used by the dominant partner and is located between the legs. As she aged and her fame faded away bit by bit, she needed a way to become the center of attention again. A horizontal flat supporting platform connects the legs and cross braces. This requires, at times, a high degree of concentration and physical skill. The stabilizing platform [] 25 allows either the dominant or non-dominant partner a stable and broad area upon which to place feet or knees, or upon which to stand. For example, the flat support 6 can rock from head to hip, can move in the direction of the head, or in the direction of the hip, or can move from left to right as one is facing the flat support 6. The location of the handle bars, flat padded platform, seat and the flat horizontal supporting platform are compatable with performing acts of sexual intercourse or in participating in various forms of sexual activity while maintaining support and positioning for the participants. The rear legs 33 may include the upper handrail support 11 as shown. Comments are closed, but you can leave a trackback: The springs enhance the movement efforts of the participants and are designed to support a weight of pounds. The non-dominant flat support 6 has a hip end 17 and a head end 18, as best shown on FIG. The flat cushioned support is connected to the platform by the springs such that the participants, with minimal efforts, can achieve a rocking, lateral or forward motion. The head end [] 18 of the non-dominant flat support 6 is also supported by a non-dominant padded support brace 7. Birds use song to attract mates, and humans use music in the same way.

Sex in a rocking chair

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  1. The handrail 11 slopes upwardly from the hip part 17 of the flat support 6 towards the head part 18 of the flat support 6.

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