Sex education for teens with disabilites

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Related topics on YourChild: The Facts of Life In many instances people with disabilities are not believed to be sexual, so it also believed that they cannot reproduce. Young people with disabilities may need reassurance that they can have satisfying sexual relationships and practical guidance on how to do so.

Sex education for teens with disabilites

The script is also included in case you want to do the instruction yourself. Abuse of Children and Adults With Disabilities: Educators should have resources and supports available to modify and adapt programs to meet the needs of their students. Books for Parents —this annotated bibliography from SIECUS lists general books for parents about talking to children and teens about sexuality. People with disabilities are sexual and express their sexuality in ways that are as diverse as everyone else. The idea that people with disabilities are childlike and dependent concides with a belief that a disabled person is somehow unable to participate equally in an intimate relationship. In addition to resources and supports, eductors should receive training that includes content and skill development for teaching sexual health education. Includes incredible myth-busting resources! The following is a cohesive list for educators, self-advocates, families, or any community members interested in gaining knowledge in this area. And all people need affection, love and intimacy, acceptance, and companionship. December 1, pp. A description of the guide can be found here. Students should not be removed from sexual health lessons when scheduling other needs such as additional therapy, tutoring and supports that take place during school hours. Develop specialized teaching tools and resources for the young people with whom you work. The ARC is a national organization of and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. In schools, education is minimal and inadequately representative of the lived experiences of people with disabilities. People with disabilities can be good parents and have the ability to be successful in raising a child given the appropriate supports. Sexual health education must, therefore, encompass knowledge and skills that describe and promote healthy relationships, reduce the risk of sexual abuse and encouragement to report and seek help when faced with unwanted sexual advances. However, considerations must be made in order to modify the program to allow for information to be understood and learned in a way that is meaningful to them. Parents as sexuality educators for their children with developmental disabilities. The guide is geared toward women with disabilities, healthcare providers, parents, and community organizations. Published in by the Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities. Easy for You to Say: Most people experience various needs at the same time and need to learn how to balance all aspects of their lives including those fundamental and secondary needs. According to the U. As formal and informal teachers of sexual health education, all adults share in the responsibility. The belief that people with disabilities are not sexual could stem from the idea that they are considered a child or child-like and therefore are excluded from having sexual health rights.

Sex education for teens with disabilites

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  1. There are also individuals who believe people with disabilities should not be parents, and may not be willing to provide the same supports and assistance to them. Online resources are available but people with intellectual disabilities often lack online literacy training and education.

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