Sex and the city baby shower episode

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Charlotte is insane too. And even though, as we learn in Season Four spoiler alert! My favorite part is when they show off their gifts. Back inside, Charlotte settles in to chat with Laney. Carrie, after receiving the invitation to Lainey's shower:

Sex and the city baby shower episode

The girls all take off their sunglasses and march in to the party. Charlotte is right in the middle of this, wearing a huge blue ribbon on her head and cooing excessively over the presents. Turns out Lainey used to be a wild and crazy party girl, but has since married, moved with her investment banker husband to Connecticut, and is now poised to Bring Forth Life. Somehow, whenever they tackle Sacred Events in the Life of a Woman: I would have happily brought a bottle of champagne to that party! Even though at least one third of American women will have an abortion by age And even though, as we learn in Season Four spoiler alert! Carrie VOs that Samantha and Laney had a longstanding rivalry, mostly because they are so similar. Samantha knocks, her torso almost entirely bared and carrying the bottle of scotch. Laney feels out of the spotlight, so she attempts to show her pregnant woman boobs to everyone. By suggesting that the mothers are all rather dull and dowdy, isn't the episode working against its own ostensible goal of moving discussions of mothers and motherhood beyond flat, one-dimensional stereotypes? The plot, theme, and characters tie together quite well. Laney says she knows her life has changed a lot, but at some point you have to get serious and settle down. Mom 3 misses her lesbian lover. Carrie muses a great deal about what motherhood means for women--does becoming a mother mean resigning part of one's self? I completely understand why women dread these things. Sam loves her life just as it is, and resents being made to feel inferior because she is not and never will be a Bringer Forth of Life. Charlotte is insane too. Being a guy myself I rarely have to worry about these things. Lainey visits the city nine months pregnant, and tries to reclaim her pre-marriage, pre-pregnancy life and self by resuming her wild antics--but she can't. Anyway, Samantha is reveling in the excuse to talk shit about the stripping Laney, and Miranda is making noise about how pitiable Laney is. I like how this plot point always pops up on tv usually without any backstory on whether or not the couple in question practices safe sex. Apparently Charlotte had a secret name for her kid that she made all the girls swear never to use and Laney is stealing the name. As is Charlotte calling a dog over causing it to be shocked by invisible fencing, because suburbia can be cruel. Hooray for ovary puns, and cowardly, disingenuous shrinking away from the realities of women's real, complex reproductive lives, experiences, and decisions! Carrie ends up driving. In the interests of full disclosure, I should tell you that this is one of my favorite episodes.

Sex and the city baby shower episode

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