Rrd cacti not updating

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Create devices and then graphs Actual results: Could you please apply the patches from the cacti homepage for version 0. Perhaps selinux, I'm not quite sure. Comment 5 Thomas Antony Install cacti via yum 2.

Rrd cacti not updating

In the meantime I'm going to close this bug. Comment 6 Mike McGrath Apache can't find those files and they are missing on the filesystem. After a successfull cacti installation via yum, cacti doesn't draw any graphs. Perhaps selinux, I'm not quite sure. When i add a graph, the. You can further check issues as such by manually polling the specific OID on that host: Install cacti via yum 2. If the RRD is updating with new data but you're still getting NaN in your graphs then I suggest looking into the heartbeat and step values of the data source via the data template in relation to your polling interval and poller cronjob interval. Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: Create devices and then graphs Actual results: The cronjob calls the cacti poller to start performing it's polling cycle. New created graphs are also not displayed. If it's not updating with data then you should change the cacti log level to DEBUG via the settings page on Cacti's web UI and look for appropriate messages. For 5 minutes polling, the step will be and the heartbeat will be No such file or directory After the first initial installation and configuration no graph has been displayed. That worked for me, but maybe it would be better that the owner is apache and the group cacti. To do this use the command: Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. The default permissions do work properly with the poller running as cacti. Actually only the traffic graph does not work, because the other. If that didn't work ,check if the RRD file is actually updating with new data. Comment 2 Thomas Antony The fact that some stuff is working and some stuff is not. None edit Description Thomas Antony Comment 10 Mike McGrath Why is there a cacti user anyway since cacti isn't daemon which must drop root privileges?

Rrd cacti not updating

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  1. That worked for me, but maybe it would be better that the owner is apache and the group cacti.

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