Richmond brazilian jiu jitsu

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We work hard to provide you with a great facility. Each class is taught by an experienced black belt coach that focuses on practicing smooth, technical training while being a positive and safe training partner for others in the class. To succeed in these classes, we recommend a solid understanding of our fundamentals.

Richmond brazilian jiu jitsu

After over 80 years of development and after being introduced to the United States in the early 90s, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has exploded in popularity and instruction in this fighting art is in high demand world-wide. With large and open training areas for striking and grappling, we ensure there is ample room to train safely regardless of class size. Change your quality of life by getting into the best shape of your life, by practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu! We specialize in both Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Kickboxing for adults and kids. This class is offered to people of any experience level who identify as women. Whatever your reason for training, you will have access to the knowledge and training you need to achieve your goals. Muay Thai Muay Thai Fundamentals A revolving set of 18 different classes held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, giving the beginner Muay Thai student the foundation techniques and movements essential for success and true understanding of Muay Thai. Established in , the Top Game BJJ Academy has served Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding area by teaching what many believe to be the most effective form of self-defense ever created. For those who head to work straight after training or just like to shower as soon as you get off the mat the hot water is always hot. There is a minimum requirement of blue shirt status for attendance in our Clinch classes. The academy is fitted out with only the best equipment available to create a great training experience. We also have designated areas for both stretching and strength training. The most fundamental techniques of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are simple and direct, yet highly effective. There is a minimum skill requirement for these classes of 2 stripes on your white belt. Along with this we also have certain hygiene rules for personal training equipment and bathroom facilities. There is a minimum requirement of blue shirt status for attendance in our Mixed Levels classes. This means that we teach high-percentage proven techniques that almost anyone can easily learn and apply in a real situation against a resisting opponent. There is no minimum skill requirement for these classes. Kickboxing Our training philosophy is to keep things basic, training only those techniques that have been tested and proven to work. Contact info at RichmondBJJ. Our morning and midday classes allow for early leavers as we understand returning to work is often a priority for our members. Most importantly, our students can easily defend themselves against physical aggression. We believe that great jiu-jitsu is simple jiu-jitsu. We also explore variations, as well as more intermediate techniques and concepts. To succeed in these classes, we recommend a solid understanding of our fundamentals. BJJ No-Gi Held every Tuesday evening, this class allows students to train without the gi, learn to deal with different attacks and set-ups, and learn how to deal with increased speed and different grips without the gi.

Richmond brazilian jiu jitsu

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