Renewal rate

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Not too shabby right? Not an easy task, but what if you could get the renewal rate up to Share with your social networks.

Renewal rate

You get an average customer life span of 40 years! Steve brings with him more than 20 years of executive-level experience spanning sales operations, sales and product marketing. This should be based on critical metrics e. On the flip side, it is important to realize what a low renewal rate means for the future. The renewal opportunity record should include customer data e. Manage the process within the sales force automation SFA platform. Is it the field sales rep, account manager, customer service or a renewal team? Well, hold on a second. So how do you improve or maintain high renewal rates? Establish a single, global process for managing renewal opportunities. Some companies struggle to identify exactly who is responsible for managing customer renewals. For more best practices to drive customer renewals, check out this webcast replay. One of the key value questions for any software or services business is the rate of customer renewal. In their book Loyalty Myths: Another valuable metric derived from attrition rates is average lifetime. Use well-defined accountabilities, processes, metrics and tools to manage existing customers, keep renewal rates high and allow field sales to focus on new revenue vs. Not too shabby right? By keeping a customer longer, you can provide a stable base for profitable growth and deliver other benefits as well e. Follow Steve on Twitter jstevensilver. The process begins immediately upon transition from prospect to customer, with specific activities and recurring touchpoints e. Is the customer getting value from the purchase? Like what you read? Develop a data-driven risk assessment and early warning system. In order to get to that conclusion, we need to look at renewals from the other angle — by considering attrition. Investors and executives love these models, because they provide a steadily growing, cumulative and predictable revenue stream. Not an easy task, but what if you could get the renewal rate up to If not, your maintenance stream drops to about one-fourth of its value in just five years.

Renewal rate

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  1. Is it the field sales rep, account manager, customer service or a renewal team? In their book Loyalty Myths:

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