Relationship in limbo

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Some people think it's "weird" to directly ask someone to "define the relationship" with them, but what's actually weird is continuing to talk on and off with someone for weeks or months without knowing if it's actually going anywhere. If every single conversation you have with him is superficial and just endless casual banter, that's a sign that things aren't getting particularly deep between the two of you. BUT if you do see something that causes you to raise an eyebrow, you absolutely should not ignore it.

Relationship in limbo

It is true that some people aren't crazy about texting, but as I said before, you usually suspend this rule if you're interested in someone. You aren't officially "with" him yet, so that would be unfair. He isn't paying attention to you, he just wants your attention. It takes two to be in a functioning relationship, no matter what the type. There's nothing wrong with that, but eventually, it should naturally evolve into something more. If you're reading this article, you're probably here because you don't want a relationship limbo. Taking a relationship from the "talking" level to the "dating" level requires commitment. This is another big one. None of that is impossible if he's only interested in you a few times a week. Second, this can also be someone who isn't deliberately "playing" you, but also doesn't care enough about you to make you a priority because he is "busy. Like the "I miss you" text, it is a pretty empty gesture if they aren't actually taking any action to hang out with you. Avoid anything super accusatory or attacking. He might be really funny in person, and you couldn't stop laughing. You want something real and sincere. As hard as it is to hear, that won't happen when you're with someone who is more concerned with being sufficiently vague than actually getting to know you. It isn't normal for someone to be crushing on you, and then only talk about the weather. He seems to just be interested in games. If you are stuck in a limbo, just directly ask: But your partner should be someone you have a deep emotional relationship with. Phone calls are time-intensive and extremely intimate, as two people are just "hanging out" on the phone and talking about their day. One, this is definitely used by serial daters to keep you on the hook while they consider all their options. You don't have to have hours-long discussions on philosophy or religion, but it's expected that someone who is interested in you will also be interested in your views and opinions. The guy I was talking to would always send me these Snapchats that almost seemed to be tailored for me but were all vague enough that it was clear he was sending them to multiple people. If you notice that you have tons of really long, deep messages and he is replying with emojis or one word answers over and over again, think about whether you guys actually have a real connection or not. They are often vague, not tailored to anything you're specifically trying to discuss. Him deciding to reach out to you after days or weeks of neglect is NOT a sign the crush is going somewhere. Someone to share memories with.

Relationship in limbo

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  1. If you notice that you have tons of really long, deep messages and he is replying with emojis or one word answers over and over again, think about whether you guys actually have a real connection or not. When you get positive signals like this after losing hope, it can be extremely tempting to jump right back into his newly re-interested arms and forget the fact that he basically ghosted you for two months.

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