Ras el maten

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It truly is the perfect accommodation. The view is to die for. It is very spacious and has served as a high school, but was abandoned during the upheaval of the late twentieth century. A place to be saved for sure for your Leb holidays NadiT

Ras el maten

And the location is brilliant. Finally carved from living stone, the site is an ancient tomb chamber. The building was recently build and the apartment fully furnished. The first one has a king-size bed, and the other one two regular beds. The place is very clean and well decorated the view is amazing Samy is the perfect host always here if needed Highly recommended ZiadT Each room is 25 sqm. The decoration is modern and minimalistic but very stylish. One of them is a master bedroom with a dedicated bathroom, the other is a normal size bedroom. Two bedrooms are available with two bathroom: In fact in Ras el-Maten Christians, Druze and Muslims live together in harmony, peace and friendship. According to the legend, a rock miraculously opened into a cave to shelter Sitt Sarah as she fled from danger. Ain al-Marge at Deir Kmat is one of the many springs providing the village with an abundance of water. When visiting the place, one should not leave out the Great Seraglio which was built by the Abillamaa emirs in and is still in quite good condition. Joseph Matar - Ras el Matn: It truly is the perfect accommodation. The view is to die for. The house is modern, fully equipped, kitchenware is all available and there is even a Nespresso machine with capsules for coffee lovers! It's known for its panoramic views and pine trees and its location giving a view to the western sections of el-Matn and the Mediterranean sea. Communicating with Samy was a breeze all throughout our trip. Etymology[ edit ] The name literally translates "top" ras of "the mountain" el-matn. Although damaged and abandoned during the war, one can still appreciate the serail's elegant courtyard and bell tower. Some basic amenties were missing such as trash cans, shower curtains, wifi and curtains in the living room. Around Ras el-Maten there are many ancient remains going back to Phoenicians, cellars, cave dwellings and temples. The town has two schools which together have about four hundred pupils. This much appreciated summer resort is one where one can find many of the traditions and customs typical of the mountains. Ras el-Maten is twenty-five miles from Beirut, capital of Lebanon, and lies at about 3, feet above sea level. Much older, are the ancient tombs carved into the rocky cliffs and headlands of Ras el-Metn, while just below the village the refuge of a holy woman, Sitt Sarah can be found in a rock- scattered field.

Ras el maten

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