Pros and cons of mormon religion

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The Holy Spirit testifies of the truth which is why I have my testimony in a still small voice. I encourage you to read it. It turns out that Mormon peculiarity carries with it some cons in addition to those pros. Over the years, all the expectations that I had to live up to, but could never attain brought me down emotionally, causing me to have big issues with myself.

Pros and cons of mormon religion

Still think the Mormon church is a good thing? Looking at the data, Campbell suggested that the way to change non-Mormons' perception of Mormons is for members to reach out and become close friends, not merely acquaintances, with those outside of their faith. Lurker The answer is does not lie in listing what goods or services the church has provided that constructs a benefit. In my attempt to summarize the pros and cons of membership and participation in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, two perspectives will be used. This can lead to an escalating cycle of bad emotions between believers and nonbelievers. As I am the author of this document, I will admit that these two views are somewhat but not completely autobiographical. Cheryl Mormons tend to make a dumb, basic assumption. They will make sacrifices for others, and do what they can to help until their efforts are stopped or diverted. Life is often a difficult, messy, and painful process, the church paints a picture of family bliss and harmony that cannot be realistically sustained. They miss many of the comforting doctrines and the wonderful community that they used to enjoy. The church instills in its members the notion that they are never good enough, no matter what they do. All I can find is that stupid Jesus Boat, and let me tell you right now, that boat, even in its prime, could not possibly make the trek across the Atlantic Ocean, let alone from where people think they originally departed, which is modern-day Oman. Among other errors, The Book of Mormon makes numerous claims about society in pre-Columbian North America which totally contradict the archaeological evidence. Another factor is that our bishopric is not paid. The focus on family honesty and support is stronger here than in the ward I left. Please know that this failure was not intentional. Some people call Mormonism a cult, I've found, because our beliefs are different from mainstream Christianity. There are many debates as to the etymology of the name Moroni, for many find it to be of Greek origin, and that fits in no way whatsoever. To the nonbelievers in the church: Just me My testimony began fracturing when people I cared about were being hurt by Church policy. Priesthood is authority from God to do certain ordinances, such as baptism. If you get into trouble, especially if you are the victim even a victim of circumstances support will be short-lived and you will pay a very high price for exposing the fragility of your family - any help you receive will not be worth it. Members are taught thought control techniques to keep them from doubting their leaders. That way, the Church members feel even more indebted to the Church and more guilty if they do not obey the Church's commandments. The data also show that people who are more religious are actually more, not less, likely to be involved in non-religious activities.

Pros and cons of mormon religion

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  1. Through the deceptive mental and emotional manipulations discussed a few posts up, the Church is able to maintain an obedient work force to further prop up the good-doing image. Brigham Young in Journal of Discourses 1:

  2. Some even go as far as to say we aren't Christian. And, when belief is lost, some of the pros fade away and some of the cons grow larger.

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