Oregon state patrol sex offender

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Section 35, chapter , Oregon Laws , provides: Kidnapping in the first degree if the victim was under 18 years of age See section 37, chapter , Oregon Laws

Oregon state patrol sex offender

In addition, OSP does not assess whether the offender will commit additional offenses or the nature of any future crimes. Contact your local law enforcement agency. Sexual abuse in any degree 5. Online sexual corruption of a child in any degree if the offender reasonably believed the child to be more than five years younger than the offender; When a person described above moves into this state and is not otherwise required by ORS Any use of this site implies you have read, understand and agree to the Conditions of Use Statement below: We urge you to consult with your own legal advisor before taking any action based on information appearing on this site or any site to which it may be linked. The list of sex offenses required to register can be found in ORS Contact your local Community Corrections office for additional information. The information provided is an open record. If the sex offender has not been determined predatory, they may not release address information but can provide you with information about their crime of conviction and conditions of supervision. Community Notification What is community notification? Those registered sex offenders who have been designated Predatory under Oregon Revised Statute Sodomy in any degree 3. B Found to be within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court for having committed an act that if committed by an adult would constitute a crime. Residence requirements are conditions placed on sex offenders currently under supervision by the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision for parolees and Community Corrections for probationers. A The person was previously designated a predatory sex offender and the designation was made after the person was afforded notice and an opportunity to be heard as to all factual questions at a meaningful time and in a meaningful manner; or B The person is a sexually violent dangerous offender under ORS A Within 10 days following: Additional Information may be obtained from: Section 7, chapter , Oregon Laws , provides: Level 2 and Level 1 offenders can apply for relief from the registration obligation 10 years after their supervision end date if they meet very stringent criteria. Anyone who uses this information to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution and civil action. The Department of Corrections shall adopt by rule a sex offender risk assessment tool for use in classifying sex offenders based on the statistical likelihood that an individual sex offender will commit another sex crime. Classifications will be performed by the Department of Corrections. How long are sex offenders required to register?

Oregon state patrol sex offender

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  1. For sex offenders off of supervision, no residential requirements apply under current Oregon state law but may apply under local law.

  2. Neither the OSP nor the State of Oregon shall be responsible for any errors or omissions produced by secondary dissemination of this data.

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