Nathan sloop

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A preliminary hearing in her case has not occurred. He told police that Stephanie Sloop thought that her ex-husband, Joe Stacy, "destroyed my boy" and told Nathan Sloop to "teach him to be a man" by beating him or "whatever it took to get her boy back. Sloop sobbed as she apologized for her role in the death of her son. Both were the ideas of the boy's mother, he told police.

Nathan sloop

Sloop also told police he didn't discipline the boy any more harshly than his own father had disciplined him. The boy's mother, he said, would also yell and hit him. At one store, she bought two cans of lighter fluid and at another store she bought two slush drinks. The courtroom was packed Tuesday, with many people standing during the proceedings. Stephanie Sloop faces identical charges, except for damaging a jail. Sloop described an incident involving both him and Stephanie putting feces into Ethan's mouth after the boy smeared it on Nathan Sloop. Was his behavior recklessly indifferent? View 23 Items Family photo Ethan Stacy, 4, died in May of , just days after he arrived in Utah from Virginia to visit his mother for the summer. He said Ethan was scalded, beaten, overmedicated and not given the medical care that he needed. Ethan had been burned over 17 percent of his body. Stephanie Sloop also told police that the boy was burned in the bathtub but she also did not seek medical attention for him. But he was too traumatized to comment in court or to the media, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings said. Dawson ordered that sentence to be served concurrent with the aggravated murder sentence. That same day, she and her husband bought a vacuum and other cleaning supplies and cleaned their apartment, police said. He also cited questions about Ethan's cause of death, pointing to prior testimony from a medical examiner that the death was classified a homicide due to a combination of scalding injuries, drug toxicity and aspiration pneumonia and the difficulty of dividing the blame between Nathan and Stephanie Sloop, who has also been charged in the boy's death. Sloop sobbed as she apologized for her role in the death of her son. Part of the obstruction was not to seek medical attention for the young boy, he said. Mauro said Sloop was once an All-American academic Lacrosse player whose mental illness "sent him off the tracks. Did his actions contribute to that? The boy's voice came through his tears, a croaking wheeze: She and her husband planned a dinner date at a Salt Lake City sushi restaurant, but instead went to Tepanyaki restaurant on May In the early morning hours of May 9, , the couple realized Ethan had died, according to the documents. The boy was burned and given medication that led to his death, Rawlings said. The crowd included a large law enforcement presence, including many Layton police officers and Davis County sheriff's deputies. In phone calls with his mother and ex-wife played in court, Nathan Sloop claimed that Ethan's father had taught the child to misbehave in an effort to hurt Stephanie Sloop. He entered a guilty plea to aggravated murder, but mentally ill, on Feb. Stephanie Sloop had gone to two convenience stores in the area, according to the probable cause statement.

Nathan sloop

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  1. Nathan Sloop led investigators to a trailhead near Powder Mountain in Weber County and took them to a burial site off of the trail that had been sprinkled with dog food.

  2. Roderick said the burial site was "in layers" and he identified a number of items that were found in the dirt, including a curtain, lighter fluid, a shovel head, a broken hammer, melted ammonia packaging, a burned glove, Ethan's "Florida" sweatshirt and his body, wrapped in black plastic garbage bags.

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