Mooney mooney creek

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Reception gets better the higher you go. Following the GNW arrow post, this track now begins to lead more steeply down for about m, passing through another large grove of gymea lilies [] , a small cave [] on your left. The track then winds steeply [] out of the ferny and densely forested valley, up a series of timber and stone steps for about m where another GNW arrow post marks [] the end of this section of steep climbing. The creek seems to disappear behind sandstone cliffs and dense forest. The fire kept us warm in the shack and the heat gathered up into the loft where we slept despite it being winter - our issue was it being too warm if anything!

Mooney mooney creek

Great beergarden, resident peacocks and Jazz sometimes on Sundays. Any further exploration would require shoes, a map and some band aids. Nature has rallied as best it can, employing thick forest to soften the brute. Would definitely go back. We really loved the indoor and outdoor fireplaces! The cabin has a double bed that looks out to the stars, and room to camp for sleeping. Once we remember where we are, our mission is to paddle until it becomes impassable, some 3. The waterway now has more character, with broken tree limbs strewn across sandbanks. The trail soon leaves the wooded forest and after about m, this walk veers left at an intersection in a clearing []. The track soon bends left, then winds over a small rise through the scribbly gum forest [] for about m before heading over a short section of green boardwalk []. Trees run up the pylons like lumpy, green woollen socks hard against the concrete. The further we go, the more diverse the paddle becomes. The track leads into the bush among gymea lilies [] Doryanthes excelsa and eucalypts [] for almost m, crossing a couple of short flat timber bridges [] to then head along a few sections of timber board walk through a weedy section [] of bush. The Village Shop also sells bait. The track then continues gently downhill for another m to cross over a trail []. There is a public jetty at Spencer. An old pub the other side of the river so you will need to cross in the car ferry. We hired a boat from Brooklyn which we didn't realise was such a hike from the shack, wisemans ferry is closer i. Then about m further up the main trail, this walk comes a T-intersection [] marked with a couple more GNW arrow posts. The park has coin-operated pay and display machines - please bring correct coins. Best to get a crab pot. There is a pot stove fire inside and a fireplace outside with a hot plate. Reception gets better the higher you go. A short distance later, this walk crosses a green timber footbridge [] and comes to an intersection at the end of the dirt Robinson Road []. The tide can be quite strong.

Mooney mooney creek

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  1. Once past the bridge, you begin to commune with your surroundings. Perfect for camping in style.

  2. The switch from wide, dirty river to intimate, narrow creek is complete within an hour and 20 minutes.

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