Monaro world

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At the time it was taken out it was making a modest rwhp and Nm. The whole build took about 6 months it took to build. Plus the added bonus was I already had a very tough street car from which I could transfer the driveline across into the Monaro. The new model sports sedan is simply referred to as the Vauxhall VXR8. I have been long-time friends with one of my drivers Adam Burgess, and in I was hanging around in his pits when he campaigned his FD RX7.

Monaro world

The rest of driveline is straight swap out of my old daily. Curtis, Kane, Guy and Rich are helping me to do a Version 2 so we can really bring it to the table this year! I was jumping around the pits like a mad man. From driveline install, wiring, bodywork, painting and any other things you could think of, it was a real learning curve. The goal for this year is obviously go faster than last year. With the help of a bunch of passionate mates and a clever build plan rather than a fat cheque book, Lawrence debuted his car at WTAC with Josh Muggleton and Adam Burgess sharing the drive. Apart from assembling the motor and tig welding on the rollcage we did everything ourselves. We sure are looking forward to seeing you guys back out there this year. However, at least one commentator [21] has described it as a 'flop' because of its poor US sales. Tickets go on sale June 1st. What engine are you using and are planning any upgrades for this year? The hardest thing was making things work. Freddy at Topstage for helping us out with all the carbon goodies. It was originally based on the Monaro V2 series however, did not carry the Monaro name. Complaints from American consumers [22] about the Pontiac GTO's more modern styling led to the addition of two hood scoops in with the VZ series Monaro to recall the later muscle-car variants of the late s' models; the hood scoops vent in cool air to the engine bay but do not directly feed the engine. The diff is a built TruTrac with 3. A Harrop supercharger was installed onto the standard GM 6. I have always been the one to do things differently with my cars. It was sold as a right hand drive in South Africa as the Chevrolet Lumina. Mark from Streamline Automotive kindly donated a Lunati stroker kit which has now pumped us up to a ci 6. Julian and James at Harrop for those monster brakes. With had a multitude of braking and electrical issues on the test day. Later on in the build one of my now best mates Curtis Dean came and virtually lived at the shop helping me finish the car. It was withdrawn from the US market in , although a few were still on dealers' lots in The original plan was to find an RX7 or a Silvia, but when I started searching around the Monaro came up.

Monaro world

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