Missing you poems for boyfriend in jail

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He was just sent to Pelican Bay on June 6. She was only 16 months old when he left us.. We have good and bad days like any relationship and he still has another year, it's hard to swallow but at the end of the day Looking at our kids when they say daddy, I miss daddy, its so hard what do you say. I Love You Brooksy..

Missing you poems for boyfriend in jail

But poems like this do touch my heart. My boyfriend of 5 years and father to my 2 beautiful children went away thanksgiving night and is sitting 90 days in county and then be shipped out to prison for at least a year looking at 18 months max. In the techie world, distance is removed because of social apps, but still it is not equal to the availability of real personal. I feel so alone without him, I think about him all the time, his smell his touch his kisses, I sent him a letter with this poem in it and he loved it!! I sit up in my room alone and depressed and I stare at everything we have when I go out I see places we have been or sidewalks we have walked on and I almost cry. He went in when I was 8 months pregnant with our son. Thank you for giving me something else to hold on to and to share with him. Furthermore, if your family and friends love you they will support you no matter what. You ladies are so strong to wait for them for years, hope you stay strong and someday you will get your love back for good just remember: My fiance has been away for 10 months. They just creep up and squeeze your guts because I miss him so much. When he went in we weren't together but we ended up back together two years ago, I don't regret it at all. What am I to do? I just want him to come home to be soon. All you ladies who have to be away from your man stay strong. I wish you all the best. I visit him at least once a month and talk to him everyday. Last week marked his one year anniversary in state prison. I've been with him through all of this. I've cried every night since then. In all these years I have seen written and been sent beautiful poems, this one is close to the top by far!!! Since MS doesn't recognize our Constitution's Bill of Rights in its entirety, he has been sentenced as a violent habitual offender, even through Florida public records clearly show that his arrest record does not met MS's habitual offender requirement. My boyfriend has been locked up for going on 18 months and is suppose to get out Dec 2. I cannot bring myself to tell her where he is. I believe I searching around the internet to realize others are dealing with the same issues as me.

Missing you poems for boyfriend in jail

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  1. But I'm trying to do everything possible to get him out I'm getting an attorney and doing research and if he gets convicted I'm gonna appeal it right away.. And when I do it's only for an hour every couple weeks and that time flies by way to quick.

  2. I love you miss you Everett and I hope we will be one again. I love him and cannot wait for the day when the three of us will be reunited and we can move on with our lives.

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