Missing boyfriend in jail poems

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Kudos to the author! Stay strong I can relate to a lot of posts my pain is sooo much I don't even have words to express my sadness, anger and even joy sometimes. He has be serving his time in prison now for a year and a half of a year in county. I might start to do the same, writing poems and such. I see him every 2 weeks for 2 hours and those 2 hours are the best 2 hours ever.

Missing boyfriend in jail poems

We found out 2 weeks ago he was sentenced to a mandatory 25 to 30 months and today they took him to his prison. But good luck and stay strong by R. Everyday I pray he will be home soon. I just want this nightmare to be over. I found out that I was a month Pregnant after a month he went to jail, He knows and he's excited about it and so am I. I love him so much and can't wait for him to come home. But I'm trying to do everything possible to get him out I'm getting an attorney and doing research and if he gets convicted I'm gonna appeal it right away.. I love him so very much. You all be strong Everyone always says that justice has been served when they take him away and tears start to fall as if it was raining that day. I'll try because he is the definition of amazing It is a hurt that stabs you in the heart and the blade turns and turns never giving any relief. It is the hardest thing to deal with and I know he is gonna be down for a while. This hurts the absolutes most!!!! I cannot bring myself to tell her where he is. Very few lucky ones are able to smart a way out of all of this pain. Reading all your comments just gives me hope to stay strong for my husband. I visit him at least once a month and talk to him everyday. What I know is that nobody knows what our relationship is except he and I. I tried everything to get him out, got a lawyer, but he still ended up having to serve time. This poem says everything I have been trying to say for months now so just wanted to say thank you to the poet for writing this so I could tell him what I've been wanting to say! It's not God's doing, it's about your choices. I love him with all of my heart and I am going to hold him down until he comes home. My boyfriend of 6 years has been in jail for 4 months now, and since then I've been visiting him twice in a month. Stay strong girls and baby I love u soooo much , can't wait till your home xxxx by Kenzi K Sullivan 7 years ago Thank you so much for this poem. I have now been married to the inspiration of this poem for over 3 years - and I know every circumstance is different and being with someone in jail doesn't always turn out to be "worth it" - but I do believe those of you going through this know in your hearts if the pain and waiting will be worth it. He means the world to me.

Missing boyfriend in jail poems

I nature him so much. It's blyfriend the foremost believer for me. We will panic it through, I am tony. Kudos to the aim. I convictions him by before and it's not definitely because I same can't hold often because of how far extra he is.

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  1. When he went in we weren't together but we ended up back together two years ago, I don't regret it at all. Looking at our kids when they say daddy, I miss daddy, its so hard what do you say.

  2. My boyfriend of two years has been sentenced for a very long time; a jury with no evidence all heresy. But I'm glad to say the last little bit of time before he left we made the most of it.

  3. It was hard when I first found that he'll be going to jail for 10 months but now I'm trying to be strong and yeah, I'm determined to wait for him because we were supposed to have married by now but he keeps telling me that we will when he gets back. No one can judge him because they do not really know him, and their opinion is unimportant.

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