Mental retardation sex reproduction rights

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Women with ID who do become mothers face significant barriers and substantial discrimination, including what some describe as excessive and discriminatory child protective services CPS involvement [ 82 ]. There is a general lack of evidence regarding what constitutes effective sexuality education for adults with ID [ 43 , 48 ]. Due to the lack of a national tracking system or database in the USA, it is impossible to know exactly how many women with ID become pregnant or give birth each year. We conducted a limited literature review related to six aspects of sexual health care of women with ID, including barriers to sexual health care, sex education, sexual abuse and consensual sexuality, contraception, screening for sexually transmitted infections and cervical cancer, and pregnancy and parenting.

Mental retardation sex reproduction rights

If abuse is discovered, US medical personnel of all types are mandatory reporters [ 61 ]. The disability movement has actually fought for the rights of women with disabilities to marriage, family and to become mothers. Unfortunately, very few educational programs with such aims provide sex education, not only for the disabled young population but also for the healthy. People with intellectual disabilities are a known disparity population, and sexual health care is a particularly neglected area of health care for adults with ID. Is it fair to bring the child up in an environment with mentally retarded parents? Parents with ID who become involved with CPS are less likely to have prior court involvement and are much less likely to be charged with child abuse than other parents. They believed a more permanent solution was to prevent 'undesirables' from reproducing. These rights, as for all citizens, should never be limited or restricted without compelling state interests and due process. Its aim is to focus the attention of both professionals and non-professionals on this delicate problem. As discussed, women with ID are less likely to disclose sexual activity and are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse, leading to a potentially increased risk of STIs. This barrier is compounded by a lack of clear evidence regarding sexual health care for adults with intellectual disabilities [ 2 ]. An example of a fact sheet supporting the sexual rights of adults with ID provided by the NSW Council for Intellectual Disability, an Australian advocacy organization, can be accessed at http: Mental retardation is defined as the inability to learn normally and develop mentally. This group favors establishing the social services and supports needed to enable positive, successful parenting by adults with ID who choose to have children [ 83 ]. Additionally, adults with ID are more likely to get sexual information from questionable sources, such as television [ 18 , 43 ], and to express misconceptions related to reproductive anatomy and physiology, sexuality and sexual health [ 18 , 30 , 41 , 42 , 45 — 47 ]. This includes the right to marry and to have children. To illustrate these concepts we discussed the story of Bertha. Greenwood and Joanne Wilkinson. Capacity to consent is a legal definition that is not determined by medical providers, but it should be noted that just as many adults with ID are capable of providing informed consent in regard to their medical care, many adults with ID may be capable of making informed sexual decision, and of consenting to mutually desired sexual activity [ 59 ]. It may be appropriate to involve a social worker or other professional experienced in populations with ID in the decision making discussion. The answer is, it depends. As an activist working on gender and disability issues for very long, I have come across a number of such cases. Abstract Adults with intellectual disabilities ID face multiple health disparities and challenges to accessing health care. Child protection policies may be outdated in terms of the rights of people with ID [ 82 , 83 ]. In most cases no medical or physical signs are involved. Some of these girls who were forced to be sterilized recalled "the operation vividly and in many cases saw it as a humiliating process. It should never be assumed that all women with ID who become pregnant should terminate.

Mental retardation sex reproduction rights

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  1. Practice Recommendations The tension between protecting adults with ID from abuse while also respecting their right to consensual sexual expression may at times be difficult for providers to navigate.

  2. Fairness and justice dictate the need for additional legal protection to enable people with mental retardation to exercise such basic rights.

  3. One question was whether there was an increased risk of mentally retarded parents having mentally retarded children. Since the end of the 20th century, throughout the developed world, many disabled persons can accomplish their dreams and rights.

  4. Both doctors and families have disagreed on when a person becomes incapable of caring for a child, let alone themselves. Primary care providers receive very little to no formal education in caring for this population [ 35 , 36 ].

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